HPR3476: My mutt email setup

  1. Get app password and enter it in a file call pass
    set my_gpass= "MyAppPassword"
  1. Encrypt pass file with 'gpg -e pass'

  2. Shred pass file with 'shred -uv pass', which uses verbose mode

    shred - overwrite a file to hide its contents, and optionally delete it
      -u deallocate and remove file after overwriting
      -v, --verbose, show progress
  1. Use gpg encrypted key to open Gmail

    • in .muttrc source "gpg -d ~/.mutt/pass.gpg |"
  2. Source colors file: Custom color scheme

    ## Custom - Shows a gray line on tagged emails
    color index yellow brightblack "~T ~N | ~T"

Tagged emails
Tagged emails

  1. Source hooks file: Redirect default save path for email sorting
      ## Newsletters - Technology ##
      save-hook '~f lists.linuxjournal.com' ='Linux'
      save-hook '~f arch-dev-public'  =Newsletters
      save-hook '~f noreply@mmorpg.com' =Newsletters
      save-hook '~f ocw@mit.edu'|'~b Opencourseware' =Newsletters
      save-hook '~s Linux'|'~s Foundation' ='Newsletters'
      save-hook '~f weekly@raspberrypi.org' =Newsletters
      save-hook '~f hackspace@raspberrypi.org' =Newsletters
      save-hook '~f @pragmaticbookshelf.com' =Newsletters
      save-hook '~f comixology@e.comixology.com' =Newsletters
      save-hook '~f mrgroove@groovypost.com' =Newsletters
      save-hook '~f oreilly@post.oreilly.com' =Newsletters
      save-hook '~f mark ~s arduino' =Bookmarks/Arduino
      save-hook '~f smith@torproject.org' =Newsletters/TorProject
      save-hook '~f info@torproject.org' =Newsletters/TorProject
      save-hook '~f editor@eff.org' =Newsletters.EFFdotOrg
      save-hook '~f contact@diyodemag.com' =Newsletters/DIYODE-Magazine
      save-hook '~f weekly-update@allaboutcircuits.com' =Newsletters/Circuits

      ## Recipes ##
      save-hook '~f dora ~s Recipe | ~s Recipe | ~B recipe | ~B casserole | ~B bake | ~B "omaha steaks" ' ='dabrat1972/Recipes'
  1. Source aliases file: Frequently used contacts
      alias tags tags@hackerpublicradio.org
      alias Dave_Morriss Dave Morriss 
  • HTML email
    • Install lynx
  • Open URL's
    • Install urlscan
    • Capital 'U' open URL dialog
  • Open pictures
    • Install feh
  • PDF reader
mailcap - metamail capabilities file

         The mailcap file is read by the metamail program to determine how to display non-text at the local site.
  image/*; feh %s; test=test -n "$DISPLAY";
  text/html; lynx -nonumbers -dump %s; copiousoutput; nametemplate=%s.html
  application/pdf; zathura /dev/stdin

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