How to Match Robe Hooks, Towel Rings, and Other Accessories in Your Bathroom


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Bathroom accessories are the finishing touches that help make the space feel more cozy and lived-in. While some people only think of décor and organization options, towel bars, rings, and robe hooks are just as important. Without proper bar and hook placement, it becomes tricky to get a towel when it’s needed the most. Try these tips to make sure all the various wall-mounted bathroom accessories in the room feature a consistent style.

Choose a Single Finish

Selecting one finish for all the various accessories is the key to uniting them regardless of style differences. This technique allows for the use of hooks, bars, and rings that aren’t designed to perfectly match each other. However, a common finish can’t overcome contrasting aesthetics. Make sure that all the accessories are traditional, modern, or transitional to ensure there’s a coherent look throughout the room.

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Mimic Similar Shapes

Make sure that the different fixtures all feature shapes that hint at each other, tying the various towel-holding accessories together. For example, curved towel and robe hooks are visually linked to the hoops on towel rings. Likewise, straight towel bars can still feature curving brackets or rounded details to keep them matching the rest of the accessories.

Shop a Single Collection

For the easiest time installing a matching set of bathroom accessories, try a collection put together by the manufacturer. Kingston Brass offers multiple collections of inspired bathroom designs to help homeowners get inspired and quickly made cohesive looks. If there’s a certain hook or bar that catches the eye, try searching for the name of its product line to see other accessories from the same collection.

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Consider Multi-Use Designs

In a small bathroom, accessories like hooks and bars may need to pull double duty. Hooks in particular are very versatile when installed in pairs or sets across an open wall or along the back of a door. While they’re often designed with robes in mind, they work well for hanging multiple towels in a small space as well. Towel bars are better for drying out the largest towels, but they can also hold washcloths, hand towels, and even delicate clothes in need of drying with proper placement.

Shop Kingston Brass

Kingston Brass has a wide range of bathroom accessories like towel rings, robe hooks, towel bars, and more. Find matching finishes and complementary styles to put together a unique set of accessories for any remodel or new construction. No bathroom is complete without plenty of convenient places to hang towels and robes.


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