How To Approach Women At College Or University


If you’re a single guy at college or university, you probably want to know how to approach women on campus.

Most dating coaches will recommend something similar to this three-step formula for approaching women during the daytime.

  • Approach and make it clear you’re attracted to her (a direct opener);
  • Get to know each other;
  • Swap contact details with the intention to meet for a date.


However, that’s only a good cold-approach strategy for situations where you’re unlikely to see the woman again.

Because while this direct approach is an effective strategy, you’re sometimes going to be perceived as a creep if the interaction doesn’t go well.

In this case, it might only take one or two girls to tell their friends what happened.

Now you have a bad reputation as “the creepy pick-up guy” on campus 🙁

Below, you’ll discover a safer, more effective strategy for approaching women at college or university that will land you a ton of dates without any risk to your reputation.

Focus On Building Your Social Circle At College And University

You can still cold-approach women on campus, but it’s recommended to do so in a friendly and non-sexual manner.

Perhaps you’ll ask for directions, talk about an upcoming assignment (if you’re in the same class), or use any conversation-starter that isn’t about how hot she is.

From there, you can transition into getting to know each other and building a friendly rapport.

Whenever it feels right, you can swap contact details. But don’t force or rush it. Remember, we’re trying to protect our reputation here.

It’s better to swap social media details, as this is seen as more casual by most women, plus if she follows your profile she’ll be able to witness all the cool things you’re doing with your life.

This will not only help her remember you; a great profile can make her insanely attracted to you.

Invite All Your Female Friends To An Event

If you get in the habit of being social and talkative whenever you’re on campus, you can quickly build a big network of female friends.

From here, the next key step is to host an event and invite all of your new-found friends.

This could be a house party, a trip, a photoshoot, a meal at a restaurant or whatever you want to organize.

Just make sure to invite every girl you’ve met on campus and tell them to bring their friends. Invite a few of your bros too.

Assuming the event is fun and well-attended, you’ll earn a lot of respect and attraction from the women who show up.

The social proof and leadership skills that it takes to host an event like this is undeniable. These are incredibly attractive qualities that will intrigue a lot of women, even if your initial approach was platonic and friendly.

Make sure to upload photos and videos of the event to social media, so everyone who didn’t show up can see how awesome it was (and you are) too.

This strategy is commonly dubbed Social Circle Game. If you continue to approach women and run events throughout the semester, there are no limits to how big they could grow.

Why Social Circle Game Is So Effective In College And University

Women are wary about dating men they don’t know that well.

Sure, it’s possible to land a date through online dating or pure cold-approach, but men will typically experience a lot of resistence using these channels. Perhaps you’ve already tried and experienced a ton of flaking or ghosting.

Most women feel more comfortable dating a guy who has been recommended by their friends. If that guy is the leader of the social circle who all the other girls are excited to hang out with, that’s even better!

The bigger you build your social circle, the more impressed and excited that women will be to hang out with you.

With that in mind, you might want to consider never hooking up with the women you cold-approach yourself. If you do that and the relationship turns sour, she might stop attending your events and inviting her friends. Often, it’s a better strategy to only hook up with the friends-of-friends, who are invited to your events by other people. That’s your call though!

It’s a bit more effort on the front end to meet women through social circle game, but you’ll end up meeting a lot more women effortlessly in the long run.

Also, in today’s social climate, it has become a lot riskier to cold-approach fellow students in a direct manner. MeToo culture has infected colleges and universities more than any other aspect of society. Sadly, there are more stories emerging of men getting kicked off their course for a romantic encounter that took a sour turn.

As such, the best move is to play the long game with social circle game. This is ultimately the best play to enjoy your social life during your studies, while hooking up with lots of hot women along the way.

The direct approach works well for strangers on the street or in nightclubs, but you should adopt a softer approach for girls in college or university

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