Guessing Games for Kids

Wondering how to knock-off the boredom without putting in too much effort? Try Guessing Games for kids!

Guessing games are easy, fun and promise wholesome family entertainment. They are wonderful at building critical thinking skills in kids and also pack in educational value.

And the best part, they can be played anytime, anywhere! Be it a long car trip or a dull hot afternoon, these guessing games for kids are sure to keep them mindfully busy!

Just dive into the section that interests your kids the most or go through each section to get the very best of each category:

Guessing Games for Kids

Online Guessing Games

Guessing Board Games

Guessing Games for Kids

1. Guess the Animal

This animal guessing game is a great hit with preschool and kindergarten kids. All you have to do is think of an animal and then describe through clues and let your little one make the guess.

Another way to play this animal guessing game for kids is to use a deck of animal flash cards. We have a real pretty one that you can download for free and print!

2. Guess My Job

Wondering how to teach your kids about community helpers? Try this guessing game for kids that describes the community helpers based on their job, how they dress and what they do. 

Such a great way to help children think and interlink information! 

3. I Spy

Choose an object within your surroundings and start like “I spy with my little eye something that is round (or green) that you…” and let your child guess what you are describing.

The trick is not to keep the clues very easy or too difficult. Another way to notch up the fun is to keep a score and take turns. 

4. Riddles

You can’t miss out on riddles if guessing games for kids are on your mind! Children adore them and they often help kids think out of the box, beyond the obvious answers. 

What’s more, riddles are a perfect guessing game for adults as well!

5. Dumb Charades 

This is a classic fun guessing game that needs no introduction! Dumb charades is a game for every age and a perfect way to unwind with kids.

6. Rebus Puzzles

These picture puzzles are great at building vocabulary and encouraging children to think. All they have to do is guess the word based on the picture clues. 

7. Hangman

We have all played hangman while growing up and know it is simply one of the best guessing games. 

You can add a twist to your usual session of hangman by choosing a theme and catering words around it.

8. Guess the Tune

Like the name suggests, this game is all about guessing the tune. Let your kid guess the tune you are humming or, if you have the skill, playing on the keyboard!

9. Guess the Personality

What a fun way to learn about the famous personalities – leaders, sportspeople, historical figures and celebrities! 

Give clues describing the personality like “ I invented the light bulb” or “I am a famous football player from Brazil”. Give out more clues if your kiddo is not able to nail it with the first hint.

Looking for the right inspiration for kids? Explore our exhaustive list of over 100 Biographies for Kids.

Biographies for kids

10. Guess the Object

This is a hugely popular guessing game that doubles up as a party game as well.

Simply take a cloth bag and put an item inside it. Let your child put her hand inside it to feel the object and guess it! 

11. Guess the Name

Guess the name is a super fun family guessing game that is perfect for a game night. 

Blindfold your child and give her a gentle spin. Each family member takes turns to come up to the child and let her feel their hands and guess their name. Sounds fun? We bet!

12. Guess the Picture

All it takes to play this fun guessing game is a pen and a sketchpad. Start with drawing an object (imagination is the key!) and let your child guess what you are drawing before you finish the sketch.

13. Guess the Sound

Work on your child’s listening skills with this fun guess the sound game. Simply play an animal sound/instrument/tune of their favourite song or take your pick from the vast sound resource on FreeSFX and let your child guess the sound. 

It’s harder than you think!! Try it!

Online Guessing Games for Kids

14. Guess Who

Remember the “Guess Who” board game you played as a child? This is the online version of the same game with different characters. 

15. Text Twist 2

This is a super fun word guessing game for kids and adults. It is an easy interactive way to have your kids practice their literacy skills whilst working on thinking skills.

16. Scribble

This is a multi-player online guessing game that is super entertaining. Players take turns to draw the given word and others have to guess the word.

Scribble is definitely a great option for a fun game session with friends and family!

17. 4 Pics 1 Word

This is a fun online guessing game for both kids and adults that challenges the players to guess the common word between the four pictures shown. 

18. Epic Logo Quiz

This online guessing game for kids works on visual memory and challenges them to guess some of the popular logos. 

19. Pictoword

Pictoword is the online version of picture puzzles, where the player has to combine the pictures to form a word.

Online guessing games for kids

20. Animal Guessing Game

How about instead of guessing the animal, your kids have to choose an animal and let the computer guess it? That’s what this online game is all about. 

Guessing Board Games for Kids

If your family loves to sit around and engage in fun sessions of board games, here are a few guessing games that are quick, competitive and promise complete family fun. 

21. Pictionary

This guessing game for kids can never disappoint you! Have fun drawing and guessing with this classic family game. Its sand timer makes it quick and notches up the fun element.  

Suitable for kids 8 years and above!

22. HedBanz Junior

This is a fun animal guessing game for kids 5 years and above. Children grab a headband and a card, and ask ‘Yes/No’ questions from others to guess which animal they are!

Hilarious and Fun!!

Guessing games for kids

23. Beat the Parents

Got a Disney buff at home? Try this challenging guessing game that pitches children against their parents to test who knows Disney the best.

Perfect for children 6 years and above.

24. Charades for Kids

Charades is a classic guessing game that packs in full family entertainment. Perfect for game nights, this kid-friendly version of charades comes with 3 levels of play to make sure even your little one, as young as 4 years, is happily involved. 

25. Guess Who

“Guess Who” is another board game that needs no introduction! Loved by families for decades, this game still retains its charm as a fun guessing game for kids. 

26. Spy Alley

This is a multiple award winner including Mensa select. 

Each player picks a card and becomes a spy to uncover their opponent’s identity while keeping their own a secret. 

It is a nail-biting strategy cum deductive reasoning game that is certain to hook the entire family! Suitable for kids 8 years and above.

27. Sandy Sketches

Sandy Sketches is a drawing and guessing game where each player gets 60 seconds to draw on sand for their teammates to guess the word.

Super hit with kids 8 years and above!

Guessing games for kids

28. Don’t Say It!

This is a fun guessing game for kids that tests not only their thinking abilities but also their verbal skills. 

Players take turns to pick the card and help their team guess the word. The only catch is that every base word has four relevant words that cannot be used to describe the base word.

Suitable for kids 6 years and above.

Let the Fun Begin!!

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