Good Father’s Day Gifts for Great Dads

The beginning of 2022 is flying by, and spring is almost over — which means Father’s Day is almost upon us. Dad is perennially the hardest member of the family to shop for; it always seems that wants for little and buys everything he needs himself. So, what do you do if you have a great Pop who deserves something special to celebrate his day?

Consult this list of Father’s Day gifts that are going to give your dad a big smile:

A Hand-crank Radio

One thing most dads have in common is a desire to be prepared for any event. A hand-crank radio is an excellent item to keep in the car or home because it allows the father in your life to continue to receive updates about conditions and make contact with others should the need arise. Many hand-crank radios also come with built-in flashlights, and you will get bonus points if the model you choose is waterproof.

A Compact Blowtorch

Dads and fire are a near-perfect match — no pun intended — so fire-starting tools are likely to be a hit with the father in your life. A regular utility lighter might be enough to get his charcoal grill going, but a compact blowtorch is all sorts of fun. These tools hook to a can of propane, which provides them ample fuel to burn continuously and get quite hot. These torches can start any fire, and they can even be used for some light welding.

A Stainless-steel Tumbler

What dad doesn’t like his drink to stay at the perfect temperature all day long? A stainless-steel tumbler is perfectly insulated to keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for more than six hours. If your dad is often in the car, you should be careful to get a large size that still fits in his cup holders.

A BBQ Tool

The best grillmaster in the world is only as good as the tools he has to work his craft. Barbecuing is equal parts art and science, as any father will happily attest, and to get the perfect grill, your dad needs the perfect tools on hand. Instead of cluttering his grill space with all manner of gadgets, you can get your dad a Stingray Multitool, which includes all the attachments to flip, pierce, grab, scoop, lock and open bottles — everything your dad could possibly need while he is creating his culinary masterpieces.

A Pair of Designer Shades

Even dads need protection from the harsh and damaging rays of the sun. As you age, your eyes become more sensitive to UV rays, which can start to degrade vision slowly but noticeably. Your dad will be grateful to have a high-quality pair of Cartier shades, which will also instantly elevate his fatherly fashion.

A Pair of Computer Glasses

If your dad doesn’t spend much time in the sun, he still needs some form of eye protection. Blue-blocking glasses function the same as sunglasses in that they prevent the damaging wavelengths of light from penetrating the eye. Your tech-loving father can benefit from computer glasses whether he spends hours on social media, plays games on his tablet or watches television into the night.

A Luxurious All-over Wash

Few fathers are known for their rigorous hygiene routines, but just because your dad doesn’t spend hours in the shower doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a luxurious wash. Jack Black is a men’s skin care brand — unrelated to that Jack Black — that offers men simplicity without skimping on quality. Their all-over wash can be used on the face, body and hair, so your dad can have a single, excellent product for cleanliness and fresh scents.

A Digital Frame

You might give your mom a simple, beautiful frame filled with a picture of you, but your dad needs a memento he can tinker with. A digital frame gives your father a place to display his most cherished memories — you, your siblings, your pets, your family vacations — but it is also something he can constantly add to and modify. There are a few highly rated digital frames on the market, including some you can send photos to with your phone.

The key to any well-received gift is knowing your recipient. If you can’t think of what to get your dad for Father’s Day, maybe the best present for both of you would be some quality time spent together.


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