deWiz Golf Watch Review

Golf has no shortage of training aids that promise to make you a better player and shoot lower scores.

Some claim to help you shallow the club, so you can finally get rid of that annoying slice. Some claim to help you make the perfect divot and thus, hit a straight shot. While others can help with tempo, balance, backswing, grip, and more.

Let’s get real, some of them are gimmicky, often hyping up their potential with little results to show for it. Others are so large and awkward that it’s hard to take them to the driving range (or you’re too embarrassed to use them in front of other golfers).

But what if there was a new training aid to help you master your swing path, tempo, and understand all parts of your swing better? Without having to hire a PGA Tour coach or buy an expensive Trackman launch monitor?

Well, you might be in luck…

… Introducing the deWiz Golf Watch… a training aid unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Keep reading to learn if this is the right investment for your game and how it can help you immediately.

Dewiz Golf Watch Unboxing

deWiz Golf Watch Review

At the Left Rough, we always stay up to date with the latest and greatest training aids because we want to help you make golf easier. Even if it’s a small improvement, we want to share so you can have more fun and shoot lower scores.

I was recently introduced to the DeWiz golf watch by accident after clicking on this Golf article about Vijay Singh’s tips to maintain distance. Even though he’s on the Champions Tour, he’s still a long ball hitter and is known to have a ridiculous work ethic.

So when he said that he loves this new golf watch, my ears perked up. While I knew about golf watches to help with GPS and course management, I had never heard of one to help with your swing.

In the article, Vijay Singh said that his keys to hitting it long regardless of age comes down to two things:

  • Having 3/1 tempo – Like Vijay said, “Tempo is key” and that “95% of issues have to deal with tempo and energy transfer on your downswing.”
  • Extending your arc – As he said, “Longer is better on the backswing” as long as you’re turning, not just lifting your arms.

That’s it, the two keys to distance regardless of age. The deWiz golf helps him with both, which is why he’s a proud ambassador of the product. So let’s dive into what makes it unlike any other training aid available.

What is the deWiz Golf Watch?

The deWiz golf watch is a revolutionary training aid that is worn on your wrist while you swing. As you swing, it uses advanced technology to quickly analyze your swing. It takes into account metrics like your swing path, total swing time, backswing, downswing, and tons more data points.

Then, the data is quickly related to your smartphone, so you can get instant feedback for each swing. It’s like having a very expensive golf coach with you at all times, even if it’s just you hitting balls on the driving range.

The company claims it’s the “World’s First Biofeedback Golf Swing Modifier” that delivers state of the art, real-time data. It also uses neuroscience to help you adjust your swing, so you can tweak and test quickly with data to back it up.

While it is a newer device for the public, some of the best players in the world are raving about it. Players like Henrik Stenson, Bryson DeChambeau, Lydia Ko, Annika Sorrenstam, Vijay Singh, Lanto Griffin, and others.

If Bryson “The Scientist” DeChambeau endorses and uses it, then it’s safe to say there is some serious technology behind this watch.

How Does deWiz Golf Watch Work?

While it looks like a standard wristwatch, it’s actually a ton of technology in a small package. According to the company, “The deWiz internal motion sensor chip uses an advanced algorithm to analyze movement in three dimensions, with a 2-millisecond response time.”

Needless to say, you get instant feedback before the ball has even hit the ground. But what makes it even more impressive is the 3D rendering of your swing. As someone who is a visual learner, this instantly caught my eye, as it can help you see where things are going wrong in your swing.

As they said on their website, “It generates a 3D image of your swing and displays it in the app. The chip calculates if your swing is within your desired parameters. If not, it sends a signal to the wristband to instantly induce an electric tickle, optimizing your practice session with deWiz’s revolutionary biofeedback.”

Not only does it provide visual feedback, but it also helps you train your brain for success. By sending a small electrical signal to the watch, it will help you adjust your swing as needed.

To help you break bad habits, the biofeedback immediately alerts your brain to make swing changes faster. Within the app, you can customize your parameters and it will alert you if you’re outside them to finally create lasting change in your swing.

Here are some of the best features about it and how it might be useful for your game.

Your Swing Data

What makes this unlike anything I’ve ever seen in the golf world is how much data it provides so quickly. While a launch monitor is awesome to improve your practice sessions, it doesn’t help you actually modify your swing. Instead, it’s just there to give you the numbers without helping you figure out how to actually improve.

But the DeWiz is different, as it provides advanced swing data in an easy-to-follow format. Here are some of the best data points it gives you for each swing.

Length of Backswing

Isn’t it fun when you take a little longer backswing like John Daly and bomb a drive past your buddies? Don’t you wish you could do that over and over again?

Well, the deWiz can help as it provides a precise measurement of your backswing in centimeters or inches. This way you can test different backswing lengths to see how it affects distance and accuracy on every shot.

The length of the backswing feature isn’t just for the driver either, it is great for measuring wedges too. While it’s fun to hit drives long, you need a solid wedge game to get your approach shots close for more makeable putts.

With this advanced golf watch, you can test out a half swing, 3/4 swing, and in between to see how it affects total distance. No more having to “feel like you’re taking it at 9 or 12 o’clock” like the old days. Instead, you’ll have an exact measurement of your backswing and how it affects ball flight and distance with each wedge.

Transition Plane

If you’re like most golfers, you probably struggle with a cut (or slice) from time to time. Or, maybe you’re someone who hit a draw that turns into a snap hook a little more than you would like. Regardless of your ability, chances are you want to hit it straighter so that you’re not in trouble and give yourself better looks for birdie.

The transition plane feature will help you with that as it shows the measurement of how far over the top you are or how far under the top (aka shallow). Each swing you’ll know if you were over the top and steep or if you were under plane and shallow.

Swing Tempo Ratio

While nearly everyone talks about speed these days, tempo is a forgotten piece of the game for so many. Yet, it’s the secret that so many golfers don’t fully understand.

Here’s the thing, every PGA Tour player has their own unique swing. But there is one thing they all have in common; tempo. Despite all the different grips, takeaways, and backswings, they all have a 3-1 tempo.

Meaning, their backswing takes 3X as long to complete as their downswing. If you can master your tempo, you’ll likely become a better ball striker as everything is timed perfectly. But how do you practice tempo when a swing only takes a few seconds?

Well, the watch can help greatly with that aspect as well. It provides a ratio between backswing and downswing in milliseconds. Now you will finally know if you were too quick or too slow on your backswing. Or, if you rushed the downswing as well. This kind of data is unheard of for amateur players, which makes it stand out in a busy market of training aids.

Dewiz Golf Watch Band


Do you have more questions about this new golf gadget? If so, we got the answers down below.

How will this help my golf swing?

That should be the question you ask before you buy any training aid because as you know, they aren’t all created equal.

Here’s the answer…

This golf watch can help you:

  • Hit it longer by seeing your total backswing length.
  • Make better contact with every club by dialing in a 3-1 tempo.
  • Gap your wedges better by understanding total backswing length.
  • Straighten your shots by showing you how your plane dictates each shot.

It gives you a unique look at your swing in a way that almost nothing else can. If you’re a visual learner, it makes it easy to see where your swing gets off track and what you need to do to improve.

To make it even more useful, practice with a launch monitor so you can see distance and other metrics for each shot.

What makes this different from other golf watches?

Most golf watches are there to look good off the course and help you on the course with GPS measurements. They are not normally designed to help you with your swing.

But the deWiz is all about function above all else. It’s there to help you learn about your swing intimately so you can make adjustments quickly.

That’s what I love most about this watch. You can test out something different and get instant feedback on if it works or not.

No more having to guess on the driving range. Instead, you can practice much more effectively, plus it looks good too!

Can you use it on the golf course?

Yes, you can use it on the golf course and the driving range to learn more about your swing on or off the course. Just make sure to take it off during competitive events, as training aids and other swing analysis gadgets are not allowed. But when you’re working on your game during casual rounds, wear it as much as possible!

What’s in the box?

Once you receive your item, it comes with everything you need to use right out of the box. The watch comes with a high-quality and lightweight wristband and USB charger.

Is it available for Android users?

Yes, the app works for the App Store and Google Play.

You can even try the app today for free in demo mode to get accustomed to the dashboard and see what’s possible with this watch. Once you receive your item, you can easily pair it to your app to start analyzing your swing.

How much does shipping cost?

deWiz offers free shipping for your golf watch. Once you hit the order button, they’ll send you a confirmation email and shipping information.

Is there a guarantee?

With a price tag like this, it’s a good question. Yes, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee for this training aid.

If it doesn’t suit your game or you don’t find it useful, send it back with a non questions asked guarantee. Just make sure you save all the accessories and box so you can ship them back together.

Final Thoughts on deWiz Swing Analyzer

While this product is new and not the cheapest by any means, it’s 100% worth it.

You don’t get the kind of backing from big name PGA and LPGA Tour players without having something special. As Bryson DeChambeau said, “deWiz may be the most revolutionary golf training aid to ever hit the market.”

The fact that you can wear it on your wrist, hit shots with a real golf ball (inside or outside), and get instant feedback makes it something special. Having this type of information about transition plane, tempo, and length of backswing, you will understand your game like never before.

Click here to learn more about the DeWiz golf watch now.

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