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When it comes to professional power tools, DeWALT definitely has a place on the list.  Their tools are made for tough conditions and made to last.  Today we look at the DeWALT 20V Band Saw.  We are going to take a look and see if this is worth the investment and if you should own this tool.

DeWALT 20V Band Saw Overview

While portable band saws are used for a variety of applications, they are dominant in the automotive and electrical fields.  In the electrical fields, they make quick work at cutting pipe and that is one of the reasons almost every electrician has a band saw in their arsenal.

However not every band saw is created equal.  You need a band saw that can take the abuse of daily wear and tear, can cut quickly, and is dependable. And you need a band saw that is well balanced so it’s easy to work with.  So let’s check out the DeWALT band saw and see if this fits the key concepts of a quality band saw.

DeWALT 20V Band Saw Features

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The DeWALT DCS377 weighs in at 6.6 lbs making it lightweight and easy to work with. While this saw is great for EMT pipe, you can use it for stainless steel, strut, threaded pipe, and more.

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The saw is powered by a DeWALT 20V battery.  While you can run the saw with any of the DeWALT 20V batteries, the 4Ah battery seems to be the best for weight to run time.

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This saw features a 1-3/4″ throat which is great for the most common medium to small size pipes.

Dewalt 12V Band Saw

If you like the DeWALT grip, you will be pleased to know the DeWALT bandsaw features the same grip as their other 20V tools.

Dewalt 12V Band Saw

A user can easily depress the safety switch when getting ready to use the saw. The trigger can also easily be used with a single finger, even while wearing gloves.

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On the side of the saw, there is a variable speed dial that allows you to adjust the speed from 150 – 380 FPM.

Dewalt 12V Band Saw

On the side of the tool, there is a foldable metal rafter hook.

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There are two metal latches to open and close the plastic cover when you need to clean or change the blade.

Dewalt 12V Band Saw

The DCS377Q1 comes with the tool, one 4Ah battery, a charger, and a tool bag.

DeWALT 20V Band Saw Performance

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While this saw has many uses, I always see electricians using band saws on a daily basis.  So the first thing I had to try out was cutting EMT pipe.  As you would expect, it flies through the pipe and cuts it like butter.

Dewalt 12V Band Saw

We wanted to take it up a notch, so we grabbed some thick steel.  While it took longer than the EMT pipe, which is expected, it also didn’t have any issues cutting through the solid piece of steel.

DeWALT 20V Band Saw Value

The bandsaw kit DCS377Q1 runs about $315 on Amazon.  For me, I think this is a decent value.  The saw is powerful, easy to work with, and built to last.  If you are using this type of tool on a daily basis, it’s worth the money.

DeWALT 20V Band Saw Final Thoughts

We cut through a wide variety of materials, materials you would see on a job site, and materials that plumbers, electricians, and people in the automotive field would deal with on a daily basis.  We found the saw to make quick work out of cutting our variety of materials.  The saw was easy to work with, cut fast, and has great balance.

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