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We tried this fun letter matching activity with string to practice both uppercase and lowercase letters. This letter match activity is a perfect tactile way to work on upper and lowercase letters!

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Do any other moms struggle to teach lowercase letters?

Maybe it’s just me, but teaching uppercase seems to be so much easier!

We read a ton of books, which provides lots of access to lowercase letters. But we also love fun activities to help build those letter recognition skills!

To Make Your Own Upper and Lowercase Letter Match Activity, You’ll Need:

cardstock paper
string or yarn

Match Upper and Lowercase Letter Match Activity with String!

Prep the Worksheet

The great thing about this letter matching activity is that you can totally customize what your child needs to learn! Focus on those letters she’s struggling with or hasn’t learned yet.

Boost confidence by including some they already know very well too!

For my daughter, we’re working hard on lowercase letters.

She’s able to identify almost all of the uppercase alphabet, but those lowercase letters are pretty tricky! We use this letter recognition strategy to determine the order to learn letters.

For some reason, my kids have always learned uppercase letters first.

Maybe it’s because they’re bigger, or the forms are more predictable than their lowercase pairs. (For example, why does a lowercase d face the opposite direction of an uppercase D?)

In any case, we’ve got some work to do with matching our upper and lowercase letters. Games are the best way to learn, so let’s get started!

For this matching activity I chose five letters per page and scrambled up the uppercase on one side and lowercase on the other.

If you want to practice more letters at a time, just create more than one worksheet page for your child.

Too many letters on one page will make for a big mess of string in the middle!

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Match Up the Upper and Lowercase Letters!

When your child is ready, show her how to match the uppercase to lowercase letters.

Trace with your fingers first, drawing an imaginary line from letter to letter.

Then help your child glue and place string to hook those letters together.

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Tips to Help Your Child Learn Upper and Lowercase Letters:

To reinforce the connection between upper and lowercase, ask your child to help you find the “babies.” “This mommy M needs to find her baby. Where is she?” This helps solidify the idea of letter families. There are two ways to write this letter, but they still say the same sounds because they’re in the same family!
It’s also a good idea to help your child trace the shape of the letters. Work in sensory input as much as possible!
As you match, point out any features of the letters. “Wow, look at the uppercase B, it has two bubbles. The lowercase b has just one bubble.” Help your child notice any similarities between upper and lowercase, this will help her remember the connection more easily!
Ask your child to close her eyes and trace the letter in the air.
As always, repetition is key!

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Do you have any tips or ideas to teach lowercase letters?

Do your kids struggle with lowercase letters as well? I hope this simple letter matching game will help you tackle them!

Share your tips and ideas and comments with us below!

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