Best Shower Curtain Rod That Won’t Fall or Rust

Bathrooms tend to be very small compared to other rooms in an apartment. Thus, it is less likely to have an extra door or coverage for the shower space. However, leaving the shower space uncovered can make it very messy.

When you are having a shower the water sprinkles will spread through the whole bathroom floor making it dirty and wet. The solution for this can be a shower curtain. A shower curtain prevents water from splashing far outside the tub.

Getting a shower curtain is very easy, but the decision of which rod to put on can be a perplexing system. There are different kinds, shapes, and sizes of the best shower curtain rods available at both stores and online.

But the thing is that the one that is considered as best for others may not even fit as an average rod in your bathroom. The possible reasons are the interior, hardware and personal needs vary from person to person. To find your ideal shower curtain rods you need to gain some basic knowledge about curtain rods and compare them with your needs.

Editors Choice
BINO Tension Shower Curtain Rod - Brushed Nickel - 42
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Zenna Home NeverRust Rustproof Aluminum Tension Mount Curved Shower Rod, 50
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EXCELL Home Fashions Curved Shower Curtain Rod, Adjustable Customizable Curtain Rod for Bathtub,...
BINO Tension Shower Curtain Rod - Brushed Nickel - 42" to 72" - Adjustable Bathroom Curtain Rod...
Zenna Home NeverRust Rustproof Aluminum Tension Mount Curved Shower Rod, 50"-72", Oil Rubbed Bronze
EXCELL Home Fashions Curved Shower Curtain Rod, Adjustable Customizable Curtain Rod for Bathtub,...
Editors Choice
BINO Tension Shower Curtain Rod - Brushed Nickel - 42
BINO Tension Shower Curtain Rod - Brushed Nickel - 42" to 72" - Adjustable Bathroom Curtain Rod...
Also Great
Zenna Home NeverRust Rustproof Aluminum Tension Mount Curved Shower Rod, 50
Zenna Home NeverRust Rustproof Aluminum Tension Mount Curved Shower Rod, 50"-72", Oil Rubbed Bronze
Nice Pick
EXCELL Home Fashions Curved Shower Curtain Rod, Adjustable Customizable Curtain Rod for Bathtub,...
EXCELL Home Fashions Curved Shower Curtain Rod, Adjustable Customizable Curtain Rod for Bathtub,...

Best Shower Curtain Rods Review

Best shower curtain Rods
Shower curtain Rod

There are many different brands available that will promise you to serve the best shower curtain rods. But the point is that are they actually the best kind of rods? The answer can be both, very tricky and confusing. To limit the confusion, features of some popular rods from different brands are described below along with their downsides.

1. Bino ‘Versailles’ Shower Best Curtain Tension Rod

Bino Tension Shower Curtain Rod is sure to meet your expectations if you’re out for durability coupled with aesthetics. This unique curtain rod can take your bathroom’s class up several fold. Grabbing this sublime rod can be an act you’ll cherish for a long time.

The best thing about this tension rod is that it is very easy to set up. It doesn’t ruin your wall while you are fitting it. All you have to do is to twist the lock to tighten it in place. It can fit anywhere in between the opening range of 42 to 74 inches, so the size of your bathroom is irrelevant here.

Durability is never a concern with this tension rod as it is made of steel and brushed with nickel. The design is alluring and gives off an expensive vibe. There are very few such rods in the market that will offer you all of these.

Whether your bathroom wall has distinctive or multifarious colors, this curtain rod is certain to match any color design. The rod itself is heavy and has a very sturdy look. The grips hold it to the wall very tightly so you won’t ever have to worry about the rod getting loose or falling off.

Installing this tension rod on a painted wall it can pull off the paint at the place where it sticks. The pulled paint is only visible if you have moved the position of the rod. It is quite possible that it won’t fit tightly in a tile surface, the pads won’t get to make a tight grip on it.

2. Zenna Home 771SS Tension Bathroom Shower Curtain Rod

Zenna Tension Shower Curtain Rod is unlike any other curtain rods you’ll come across in the market. Its simplicity and immediacy give you more than enough reasons to take a deep look at it.

As a shower curtain rod, it is very good-looking with decorative ends. With this curtain rod installed, the overall charm of your bathroom will undoubtedly improve.

The rods are made of steel with non-marring end caps and chrome finishing. So you can guess the objective here is to resist rust and related anomalies. As a result, you get a long-lasting and durable curtain rod that can convincingly serve you for years.

Arguably, this is the best adjustable shower curtain rod. Each of the curtain rods is adjustable to a standard size bathroom which is 44 to 74 inches. So it’s not really an issue whether your shower area is small or big. You can adjust it to your will.

As for the installation, It does not require any drill or other kind of tools. It consists of a twist and a tight installation system. Setting it up is pretty easy as well, you will have to just extend the rods and twist it to tighten with the wall. You should take note that such features are rare for a shower curtain rod.

This rod can hold up to 30-pound weight and works for every standard size curtain ring. Thus you get a very clear idea of how strong and sturdy this particular rod is.

The spring tension is not good enough, they don’t stay up tightly for a long time. The rods are not durable enough which may cause it to fail after a certain period if not used properly.

3. BINO ‘Doric’ Shower Curtain Rods

This one is another one of BINO’s sublime shower curtain rods which convincingly lives up to its standards. Apart from the original features, this one adds a couple more to make it more alluring to the consumers.

This shower curtain rod is made with a twist and turns installation system similar to the previous one. Implying that this shower curtain rod is very easy and quick to install; you won’t need any tool or drill for the setup. You will have to just twist, tight, and lock it in the desired place.

If you’re concerned about your bathroom’s size on whether the rod will fit or not, you need not worry. It can fit an opening of 44 to 74 inch, thus you can assuredly opt for this option.

The rod is manufactured with steel which gives it superior strength and durability. On top of that, the chrome finishing gives it extra protection against dirt and rust. The finishing has a sturdy look which is beautiful, to say no less.

The transmission between the two pieces of the rod are less visible, so it has a good finishing and appearance. They’re captivating enough for you to grab it right after you acknowledge its pros.

Fatigue is never a concern for this curtain rod. It stays tightened up in the wall very well without slipping or falling due to extra weight or curtains.

The rods will get covered with rust very soon after it gets wet. It might damage the painted surfaces by scuffing the paint from the wall. Otherwise, on a tile surface, it will work perfectly fine; it does work best on a painted surface except for the damage.

4. Bath Bliss Expandable Best Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Bath Bliss Shower Curtain Rod may indeed be a reason for bliss to you. Setting aside the aesthetics, this curtain rod lives up to your expectations with the most primal features available. This expandable rod is the first choice for many thanks to its elegant look and sturdy yet yieldable properties.

This curved shower rod can expand your shower room up-to 10 inches, enabling you to enjoy your shower time more than ever before. Moreover, this rod can expand up to 72 inches, (so you can adjust it to your will to fit any irregular bath area.

It has chrome rust free finishing which makes it more appealing and durable at a time. It approximately looks good with almost any kind of surface or shower. Regardless of the wall color or texture, this shower curtain rod is capable of curving out the true beauty of a bathroom.

The rod is very easy to install, the installation consists of stew mounted hardware. Therefore, your precious time is not wasted and you’re excused from additional expenses and concern.

The finishing is done with bronze and weighs really light. You’ll feel no strain on your hands while installing or adjusting. It will hold a shower curtain very effectively.

The instructions given are not clear enough you would require a lot of research before you can install it properly. The metal of the rod is very thin, so there is a great possibility it will bend very easily. The end caps are poorly formed, so they don’t fit properly. It hinders the curtain from gliding back and forth.

5. Zenna Home 35633HBP

Zenna’s original shower curtain rod is the perfect means to separate your shower area from your bathroom. This one is a unique tension rod that is curved and expandable as well. Thus, making it appropriate for small to medium-sized tubs.

It is a tension curved curtain shower rod. So, you can safely assume that the adjusting is plain as cake. You will have to place the rod in your desired position and twist and tighten it. And that’s if you have completed installing it. You won’t require any tools or other devices to install it, it is very easy and hustles free.

It will add extra elbow space of 6.5 inches, which is it will make your shower space feel bigger. This will be done while not taking anything away from your total bathroom area.

The rods are durable and rust-free, you won’t need to worry about getting another one soon after the installation. They’re also strong enough to withstand heavier shower curtains. So, you can rest assured in this aspect.

This rod is perfect for 62 to 72 inches tubs but also applicable to 50 inches tubs. As a result, regardless of your tub size, you can easily opt for this sublime curtain rod.

The rod is made of aluminum, so it is very light to hold and makes installation very easy and comforting. It will fit into the opening of 50 to 72 shower openings. Lightweight build coupled with easy installation- an ideal shower curtain rod for many customers out there.

This rod is not very good at holding tension because the screws are not built well. Also, it damages the paint where it is tightened. You will require one more person helping you to install the rod.

6. Best Shower Curtain Rods for tile

Carnation curtain rods are a great alternative if you’ve been tearing your hair out over what to do about your shower tiles. This the best curtain rod you can get in an affordable price range that’ll not harm your bathroom’s tiles in any way.

A notable aspect of this one of the best shower rods for tile is that it is an adjustable shower curtain tension rod. You can adjust the rod according to your desired length. It can be adjusted to a range of 40 to 72 inches. This allows you to extend or shrink your curtain according to your bathroom’s size.

You’ll have no scope for doubt concerning its durability as it is made of iron. The colors available are diverse. They are very attractive and fashionable with any bathroom wall. You surely will have a good time looking at it while in a shower.

The construction is made very strong and durable. The caps are made of steel and contain rubber at the end to protect the tile or painted surface from unexpected stains. Therefore, this curtain rod is the one you should grab if you’re worried about your tiles.

You can get matching hooks with these rods separately according to your choice. As a result, the decency of your bathroom’s shower curtain is conserved and enhanced.

This curtain rod holds the curtain very well. It is very strong, it doesn’t struggle or sag with a load of the curtain. You can tug it up and rest assured for years to come.

The tension system of this rod is unlikely to work on a ceramic or tile surface, it might slip very often.

7. Ex-cell Shower Curtain Rod

If you’re looking for an affordable, yet good-looking shower curtain rod to hang your fancy curtain, the Ex-cell curtain rod is certainly a very good option. This minimalistic shower curtain rod is guaranteed to satisfy you thanks to all of its relevant features and advantages it offers.

Similar to all other decent shower curtain rods, this shower curtain rod is adjustable to suit your preference. You can adjust this one in a range of 42 to 72 inches. This rod will increase the room or elbow space of the shower by 10 inches. Therefore, you get more room for your shower area to spend a nice and cozy time with yourself.

You’ll be amused to know that it is very easy to install and adjust. You can clean it using a wet cloth in no time. All hardware is included in the package, so you’ll have little to no trouble doing all the operations yourself.

Another captivating fact is that it is very lightweight. The curved design is very nice, enough to hook someone’s eyes with delight. It includes a wall anchor if you are securing it in drywall without a stud. This protects the drywall from early damage. The metal is of good quality and looks really nice also. Nearly all curtain rings fit into it.

Unfortunately, it can rust very easily. So, you have to take extra caution to keep it from getting wet as much as possible.

How Do I Find the Best Curtain Rod for My Bathroom?

Before you buy shower curtain rods you should keep some important key knowledge in your mind. These key points will let you buy the best shower curtain rods for your bathrooms.

The Fabric of the Curtain

While picking a shower curtain, you must make sure that the curtain stands up to moisture such as polyester, vinyl, or polyester-cotton conjoined. To get a standard 72″ by 72″ shower curtain, you have to make use of two panels.

Polyester Shower Curtain

These are the most common shower curtains. Water splashes don’t cause such curtains to shrink or crease. Also, these shower curtains can resist fire and dry quickly. They’re affordable, durable, and easy to handle. On the downside, this type of curtain doesn’t allow good airflow and is prone to absorbing odors.

Synthetic Shower Curtains

Such curtains are hand-crafted by making use of polyester, nylon, or polyester-cotton blend. These curtains also tend to be durable and affordable. Given the price, they are surprisingly efficient.

Cotton or Linen Fabric Shower Curtains

These shower curtains are called natural fabric shower curtains that have decent drying properties and easy to handle. They are elegant and versatile. They’re easily washable and you can put them inside a dry cleaner.

Although to compensate for the looks, these shower curtains are made to be much more expensive. Moreover, these shower curtains are much less resistant to water and require liners dry quickly.

Vinyl Shower Curtains

This is also a very popular choice. If you’re looking for something affordable while maintaining a decent quality, then vinyl shower curtains can do the trick. These work as a great water-repellent and have no such issue as the accumulation of moisture. They’re easy to handle but not as elegant and comfortable as the cloth curtains.


Two parts are required to initiate the mounting process -the rod or bar that holds up the shower curtain and the rod brackets that hold up the rod. You’ll also need curtain rings and liners to protect the curtain fabric against water. Some simple household tools like level, measuring tape, and screwdriver will also be needed. 

Angles and Brackets

You’ll find three types of bars to install in your shower area. The straight bar is the simplest of all. It’s relatively easy to install and provides a nice touch to your bathroom. They also come in cheap so you can certainly consider it as an option.

In addition to providing more space in your shower, the curved bar also takes up space in the bathroom. You will also feel elegant when you are in one of these bars. Last but not least is the tension bar, which utilizes a spring inside the bar to give it greater flexibility.

Regarding rod brackets, there are many options for you to choose from. You can try using end mount brackets that are very much durable and hold your curtains in place effectively. These are typically made of transparent acrylic and have a stylish finish.

Another choice can be the pivoting shower curtain rod brackets. These are made of solid brass and you’ll find them available in a plethora of finishes. An option of angled brackets is there if it fits your preference.

You can also choose from ceiling mount curtain brackets that make the suspension of the shower curtains easier. These are made of stainless steel and tend to be durable. The interior design of such brackets is splendid as well.

Where to be Hung

As a standard shower curtain is about 72 inches long, the curtain rod should be installed around 75-77 inches from the ground. Installing the curtain at this height will prevent it from touching the floor and allow the liner to extend.

On the other hand, hanging a shower curtain lower can help hide unsightly areas of the shower. While hanging lower, make sure the shower-head is even with the shower curtain. Otherwise, water may go over the curtain rod.

Type of Wall

You can install your shower curtain regardless of whether it’s a plaster wall or drywall. In the case of plaster walls, regular-sized screws and anchors won’t work. You’ll need longer screws so that they reach the brackets and secure them. These screws come with the curtain installation hardware.

If you have drywall, you’ll have to figure out the stud behind the drywall. Then you’ll need to screw directly into the stud to secure the curtain rod and brackets.

Mold and Mildew Resistant

Mold and mildew resistance refers to the microbicidal additives that resist mold and mildew. The mold and mildew resistance certified shower curtain obliterates any kind of bacterial odor and keeps it free of germs that may emerge from a wet environment. Make sure your curtain has such certification to ensure a safe and odorless shower ambiance.


The quality of metal used is at the core of decision making. And the metals are covered with a layer of rustproof materials. The rods should be resistant to rust.

This feature is very important because shower curtain rods get frequent contacts with water so it should be rustproof. If the rods are not rust proof it will look very unattractive and if may also stain the curtain hooks.

Strong Materials

The material under the rust-proof layer should be strong enough to make it last longer, like iron and steel. If the materials are not strong enough, it might get bent with the slightest overload or you may not be able to hang your favorite curtains which are a little weightier than normal. 

And sometimes you may also need to hang wet clothes over the rods, it will disable that opportunity too. So always buy the rods made of good and strong materials for long-lasting durability.


The design of the rods should be attractive too and should obviously match the background bathroom walls. Once you have installed a shower rod, you will expect it to stay there for at least 2-3 years. You won’t want those mismatched rods for a long time. Make sure the color, texture, and design of the rods would look fashionable with your bathroom decor.


Before you go to a store or order online, always take the measurements of your shower space, so that you can buy that perfect shower curtain rods at first chance. Although there is easy return or changing options available almost everywhere, keeping the measurements will save you some time and energy you would invest in buying the second one.

Easy To Install

If you have customized the shapes and sizes of the rods, it is very common that you will have to install with a professional. Customized rods are usually fitted to the wall by a drill system.

But if you buy a ready-made tension rod you can easily install it all by yourself. Before you get yourself a ready-made rod make sure the installation system is easy enough to carry out by a single person.

Quality of the Pads Are Good Enough

If you are buying a shower curtain tension rods, make sure the pads provided at both ends are of good quality. The pads insure whether the rods will stay in their hanging position or not. So choose very wisely.

Double Rods

Described above shows curtain rods are also available in double rods systems. The advantage of this double rod is that you can hang different curtains at different rods, the rod will become strong enough to hold wet or heavy cloths. You can also hang a curtain liner at the outermost rod to prevent the actual curtain from contacting the toilet seat which is located very close to the tub or shower space.

You will be able to buy the perfect shower curtain rod for your bathroom if you keep these simple things in your mind before buying them.

Different Shower Curtain Rods

The shower area and the tub varies in different sizes and shapes in every bathroom. So the curtain rods for them should be formed in different sizes also. You will get to find straight curtain rods, curved curtain rods, and track rods. Interestingly you will also find a range of differences in these three diversified forms itself.

Straight Shower Curtain Rod

It is a straight long curtain rod. The length of this curtain rod usually varies from 42 to 72 inches which are the length of an average shower space in a bathroom.

The rods will be expandable, you will have to expand the rod according to your need and install it. You can also get double straight rods for your bathroom. This kind of rod comes with double rods which form to look like a single rod.

The advantage of this kind of rod is that it can carry more weight than a single rod. So you can easily hang wet clothes, towels or any heavy curtain of your choice. Another advantage is that you can hang fancy curtains of different kinds of two different rods. Or if your toilet set is located very close to the tub then you can place a curtain liner at the outermost rod.

Curved Shower Curtain Rods

The name says it all. This is a curved curtain rod specially designed for bathrooms with small shower/elbow space or with curved tubs. This seems impossible but it actually can make you feel that your shower room or elbow space has increased after you have installed it.

 It also varies with a length of 42 to 72 inches, most curved rods can also expand up-to 72 inches. Curved shower curtain rods are also available with double rods. It will let you place heavy or wet clothes over it.

Track Shower Curtain Rods

Track rods are available in different sizes and especially shapes. Like U-shape, D-shape, O-shape, square, rectangle etc. More specifically these track rods are designed for claw foot tubs or different combinations of shower places.

These are actually hook-free shower rods, you will just have to attach the curtains with the rod gliders without any shower rings or hooks. You will choose the shape of the track shower curtain Rod according to your shape of shower space or tub.

L-Shaped Shower Curtain Rods

This L-shaped shower curtain rod is usually used for the shower which is located at the corner. The two sides of the shower space will be covered with walls and the other two sides with the shower curtains hanged in the L-shaped shower curtain rod.

Tension Shower Curtain Rods

Tension shower curtain rods are designed to hang it using the friction or tension along the walls. Special pads are provided at both ends to make the hanging system more strong. You won’t require any tools or any other devices to install it. Won’t need to drill the wall or damage any of the walls. 

You can single handedly install it very easily. But the downside is that you have to hang a lightweight curtain so that it stays in place. This tension curtain rod is more appropriate for painted or other surfaces except for tile. This kind of tension rod will slip down very easily on a tile surface.

Customized Shower Curtain Rods

You can also customize the desired length and size of your curtain rods for the bathroom. There are many stores available which will offer you this opportunity. You will just need to bring them the exact length and the shape of the shower or tub, they will be able to make you the perfect shower curtain rod for your bathroom.

you also have the opportunity to choose the material you want. But this process for getting a shower curtain is a little more costly than buying a ready-made one.

Circular or Carousel Shower Rods

This kind of rod is offered with one or two ceiling rods which support the rod and the ceiling rods are angled perpendicularly. The rod that hangs the curtain is shaped like a circle or a rectangle.

These rods are used for stand-alone claw foot or slipper tubs. Sometimes it is also seen in the outdoor shower like in a beach house.

What Type of Shower Curtain Rod Is Best for You?

It is very logical and common that not every kind of curtain rod will not look good or even fit on your bathroom wall. So you always have to choose wisely and patiently to get that perfect and best shower curtain rod for your bathroom. First of all, you have to decide which kind of rod you want.

For a tub or shower space in which three sides are covered with the wall, you will either choose a straight curtain rod, curved rod, a double straight rod or a double curved rod.

The consequences for the straight or double straight curtain rods are that, you fit it too close to the tub you may at a point feel disturbed by the constant contact of the curtain and your body.

So you can choose to install it a little far away from the tub to increase the space. But if you don’t have any space in the wall to install it far from the tub then a curved curtain rod is perfect for this problem. You will also choose a curved rod if your tub is curved.

If you have a shower space at the corner of the bathroom you will choose the L-shaped curtain rods. Or you can also choose the rod which looks like an L-shaped but doesn’t have any sharp angle like L, which will make you feel that space has increased.

If your shower space is located in the middle of the wall, you can choose the U-shaped curtain rod. And if it is located in the center of the bathroom a circular or carousel shower curtain rods without any supporting rods. For bathtubs of different shapes and sizes located at different locations of the bathroom, a track rod is perfect.

Straight vs. Curved Rods

There is no need to describe how a straight shower curtain rod works. It is very simple and everyone is very familiar with these rods. It is a straight and long rod that spreads evenly from one wall to another. But a curved rod has brought a new dimension to this simple and classic straight rod. Curved rods are blown out in the middle.

This feature instantly brings extra elbow space to the shower room. And doesn’t let sprinkles of water spread on the floor. You can also find rotating curved rods. When you are taking a shower, you will rotate the blown out of the rod to make the shower space look bigger. And rotating it back toward the shower room will make the bathroom space for better convenience.

How to Find Perfect Length Rod for Your Bathroom

Measure the length from one end of the wall to another; more specifically the point from one to another where you desire to put the curtain rod. Then buy a rod which is 1- 1 ½ inch longer than the measurements you took. 

The measurements you took will not be 100% accurate, so you will have to buy the rods slightly longer than you recorded the length. And if it is a tension rod then buying it a little longer will make it stay up very tightly.


Shower curtains rods have drawn a great amount of interest in the purpose of decoration. While the looks are no doubt important, the rigidity and durability are nowadays of equal significance. Therefore, it is very important to choose the product with the utmost caution.

If you’re looking for a tension curtain rod, then we suggest that you get yourself a BINO tension shower curtain rod. This one is exceptionally good in terms of readjusting the available space and overall a good value for money. Other than that, Bath Bliss’s expandable curved shower curtain rod is a good choice as well because of its unique finish and expanding properties.

The crux of the matter is that you must know about your shower area and how much space it’s going to take. Get an estimation and then settle for a rod whether it is a curved, straight, or track type. That’s how you’ll ultimately reach the best shower curtain rod.

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