A Basic Guide Of How to Hang Curtains

Curtains (or other window treatments) complete a room’s overall design and breathe life into space when hung correctly. There are some key do’s and don’ts about how to hang curtains for optimum form and function. 

How to Hang Curtains

Today, we provide you with these hanging curtain ideas.

Ideas To Hang Curtains for Maximal Light

Curtains are important for controlling the amount of natural light in a space. These days, trends lean toward fewer curtains and more window frame installations. Any interior designer knows how new buildings crave the large window or multiple windows look!

How to Hang Curtains in Living room

However, new curtains allow for window treatments that provide more light while also giving a custom look that’s on-trend.

In this living room, for example, a double curtain rod allows for more light.

How to Hang Curtains for Maximizing Light

Both curtains can be drawn back to allow maximum natural light or span the width of the window to block light.

Made of multiple curtain panels, and curtain rods, the sheer first curtain panel can be left over the actual window to let in natural sunshine while the other curtain panel can be pulled back by wall anchors to not disturb the flow.

Double layer curtain panels for flexibility

Double layer curtain panels for flexibility

Both curtain layers can be closed to block out the majority of the natural light from windows if desired.

Tip for Maximizing Light hanging a curtain

When hanging curtains double-check that when they are opened, the two panels block a minimal amount of the actual sides of the window for privacy.

Tip for Maximizing Light guide to hang curtains

Opt for thinner or loose-weave curtain fabrics rather than heavier fabrics to allow sunlight to filter through, regardless of whether the curtain is pulled closed or open. You can even opt for hanging bead curtains for a more bohemian-type atmosphere.

How to Hang Curtains for Privacy in Living room

Hang Curtains for Privacy

Curtains are important for providing privacy

Curtains are important for providing privacy, particularly at night when the lights inside your home can put your home in the spotlight from outside.

Hanging curtains with brackets in such a way that they are easily maneuvered each night to be closed for privacy around the window frame is helpful.

You can use curtain brackets or install wall anchors to easily shift the curtain panels from open to closed, day tonight.

This smaller side window that flanks the living room is hung with rods at ceiling height.

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This makes the curtains fall two inches above the window, requiring a bit of a reach to move them. For higher ceiling living rooms like this, the general rule is to use brackets so the curtains themselves can be let down with the flick of a finger.

This is an excellent way to maintain privacy at end of day and one of the best curtain hanging ideas.

Some more great tips for privacy

Tip for Maintaining Privacy with Curtains

Make sure your curtains are easily accessible and easy to close via brackets.

Even something as small as a narrow walkway by the window is smart so you can pull the curtains closed each evening will make a big difference in maintaining your privacy.

Know the proper length when you hang the curtains too.

Be sure to measure with a measuring tape first, use a pencil for pencil marks when locating studs with a stud finder/drill bit, and then install rods wider than your window so the curtain drapes.

Also, a good rule of thumb is to use curtain fabric that is about twice the width as the window it’s covering.

When this isn’t possible (like in this living room, where the width is less of an issue), use as much fabric as you can to adequately and comfortably cover the window install when closed.

How to Hang Curtains for Style

What to know to hang Curtains for Style

How to Hang Curtains for Style Tutorial

Depending on your room and the purpose of the curtain, your interior style may come through in different ways.

For example, a kitchen curtain probably won’t be floor-length. But the bedroom and living room curtains might very well be.

We’ll explore both below.

Note: Interior designers may be worth consulting since they always have such great ideas; otherwise, it may be wise to find such a nice blog on the topic of curtains with such tips on the length to use per room.

Choosing a rod for window treatments

Tip for Maximizing Style Through Curtains

Choose a rod that extends past the sides of your window trim so that when you hang your curtains and then open them, they won’t be blocking a significant chunk of your view.

Higher ceilings should also be considered since this will affect the length of install too.

Fabric matters with curtain design

How to Hang Curtains Choose a curtain fabric that works

Choose the fabric for the drapes install that works seamlessly with your wall.

This helps the window area look and feel larger because there’s not a significant visual break between wall-curtain-window.

Also, measure for length so the curtains are hanging and not dragging on the floor or dusting it.

Tip for Maximizing Style with Curtains

Hang the rod high. This can’t be overstated. When you hang the rod closer to the ceiling, it will help to make the interior feel taller, because it draws the eye upward.

If you don’t want to, or can’t, mount the curtain rod all the way up, a good rule of thumb is to mount it at least 4”-6” above the top of the window frame. Just be sure curtain lengths make sense for this placement. Wall anchors can help.

The way curtain rod length impacts design

How to Hang Curtains rods

What’s more, when the curtain rod (and, therefore, curtain itself) is tall, it makes the entire window space feel larger than it actually is.

The reality might be that your window takes up only a third of the actual wall area behind the curtains, but if the curtains are mounted high, our eyes will translate that upper wall above the window as still “window space.”

In addition to curtain length, be wary of curtain width. You need to make sure the curtain can float above the floor and measure to cover windows — whether its multiple panels or just one. Width is vital, too.

Same size for the room curtains

Mount all curtains in the same room to be at the same height, regardless of the size or placement of the windows.

This visual continuity makes the entire space feel more seamless and spacious.

How to Hang Curtains floor

Just as you’ll do well to hang your curtains closer to the top of the room than not, you might want to consider their length as part of the style equation.

Dangling curtains that hit, say, a foot off the floor resemble the awkward look of unintentionally highwater pants.

These living room curtains are about 2” or 3” overhung onto the floor, which helps them pool nicely on the floor itself. Use a measuring tape to double check.

Be wary of pooling curtains

How to Hang Curtains pooling styles

Of course, pooling curtains might not work for some families or some spaces; in this case, the curtains can just touch the floor or even be up about half an inch so they’re not dragging.

But you want the visual effect to be one of ceiling-to-floor for maximum style for the windows themselves.

How to Hang Curtains add color to any room with curtains

Remember that your curtains are a wonderful instrument for integrating color, texture, and pattern into your space.

Take advantage of this, even if it’s in the subtlest of ways.

How to Hang Curtains for Functionality

How to Hang Curtains On Curtain Rod for Functionality

How to Hang Curtains for Functionality floor

You may find yourself in a position that requires certain hanging curtains constraints.

Perhaps you have a baseboard heater under each window, which means your heat will get trapped in the curtain if it’s covered all night. At this time, you’ll likely want to know how to hang rods to complement your situation.

You can opt for longer curtains that, when closed, you can then pull open just on the bottom half to allow for functional and necessary air flow (brackets can help with this.)

You can also place the rod from the ceiling or use hanging curtain rods. There’s no proper way to hang curtains, it really depends on where to hang curtains in the first place.

Keep in mind center beams for support

How to Hang Curtains rods style

Your window may be large enough to require a center curtain rod support (or more).

One challenge that this instance presents comes when there are no centered support beams.

To manage this, you can paint a 1×6 board the same color as your wall and mount it, screwing into the wall support boards.

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The screws might be off-centered, but it doesn’t matter because you’ll cover and paint over them. Then you can center your curtain rod support and mount it easily.

How to Hang Curtains Tip for Maximizing Functional Symmetry

Similarly, you might not have wall framing options that are symmetrical on the sides of your window. No problem.

Simply paint (the same color as your wall color) and mount two 1×6 boards that are long enough to screw into two wall support boards symmetrically (one on each side of the window at the mounting height), then mount your rod side supports onto those boards.

How to Hang Curtains behind them

You can’t even see where the board screws are, because they’ve been filled and painted.

And even though the screws on the left side of the window are in different places than on the board on the right side of the window, the rod mount is positioned symmetrically and identically.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How to hang curtains without drilling

If you’re not interested in drilling wall anchors into your window frame, there are other ways to get the job done. You can use command hooks for a temporary solution, Kwik hang curtain rod brackets or even tension rods. This won’t require you to drill into walls or need a stud finder.

How to hang curtains without a rod?

There are ways to hang curtains without a curtain rod on your window frame. You can hang curtains with wire. You can also use curtain rings. Just make sure the fabric is light enough that the wire can hold it as a rod would.

How to hang curtains from the ceiling?

If you want to style curtains this way, it’s important to measure the length of the windows first. Knowing this will dictate how high to place your rod, drill holes, and ensure a great post result.

How to hang curtains with hooks and rings?

For this, you’ll need to have set screws to tighten the brackets for the rod itself. Once you place the brackets, add the rod, then you’re ready to place the curtain rings. The curtain brackets will make it easy to push the curtain ring to one side during day or night.

How high to hang curtain rods?

It all depends on the way you like your fabric drapes. The higher the placement, the less droop will occur. Work with an interior designer to make sure the length fits your space.

How to hang curtains on arched window?

For arched windows, you’d follow the same processes as mentioned in this post. You’ll consult how wide the window is, fabrics to use, brackets of choice, and how long you’d want the fabric to hang.

This too is a great time to partner with an interior designer.

How to hang curtains with command hooks?

If you don’t want to drill holes with brackets, you can hang curtains with a rod or rods and command hooks. Using rods and temporary hooks is a great way to install curtain drapes and make a space feel cozy without commitment.

To do so, remove the sticker from the back of the command hook, clean the wall area and press to attach. Then, repeat across the window making sure to measure the correct distance. Finally, hang the rod.

Note: Be sure that the fabric isn’t too heavy or the rod can weigh the command hooks down. Finding a lightweight rod, like a plastic rod is a good choice here.

How to hang curtains over blinds

Different window treatments can still use curtains. If you’re placing over blinds, you’d install the curtain rod above where the top of the blind is, measure, add brackets, and let hang.


In sum, there are all kinds of ways to style curtains to provide privacy, style or keep light out. Knowing the tips will help you find a stylish home with beautiful results.

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