79 Truly Unforgettable Wedding Stories Shared In This Online Thread

We’ve been to some truly fabulous weddings this summer, dear Pandas, and we hope you have, too. To call the ceremonies ‘magical’ would be doing them a disservice—they were out of this world. We really felt like we were in a fairytale, where true love really does conquer all, watching the beginning of someone’s Happily Ever After.

However, practically every Big Day has a few quirks, some stumbles, and a handful of funny or embarrassing situations along the way. There’s really no avoiding those! After all, no ceremony will ever be ‘perfect,’ and nearly everyone seems to have a handful of fun tales to tell about wedding ceremonies they attended.

We’ve collected the very best wedding stories, from r/AskReddit, to share with you today, dear Pandas. They’re funny, adorable, embarrassing, and even slightly weird. But above everything, they’re memorable… and tastier than the wedding cake. Scroll down, upvote your posts, and if you’re feeling up for spilling a bit of tea, tell us your own unforgettable wedding stories in the comments.

Bored Panda wanted to learn a bit about dealing with embarrassing situations during the ceremony, as well as what truly makes a maid of honor or a best man stand out, so we reached out to Anna and Sarah, Team Leaders at The Wedding Society, for a chat. You'll find their insights below.


While she was waiting just inside the front doors of the church for the organ processional to begin, most of the bride's extra long train was outside. (The front doors were fastened back in the "open" position on hooks.)

During the wait, a little neighborhood dog "made a bed" for himself and went soundly to sleep on her train.

No one noticed the dog sleeping on it until she was most of the way down the aisle approaching the altar.

Everyone thought it was cute - including the minister. So they let it stay, undisturbed. The little dog slept on the bride's train until the end when the loud recessional on the church's pipe organ awakened it.

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We were curious to get the wedding experts' take on how it's best to react to things not going as planned during the ceremony. Clothes rip, drinks get spilled, and exes suddenly decide to show up like it's all a rom-com, after all.

"Honestly, the only real way to deal with things going wrong on the day is to just roll with the punches and try to have a sense of humor about it. What else can you do?!" Anna and Sarah, from The Wedding Society, told Bored Panda that having flexibility and the ability to laugh at the entire situation can help manage the stress of the unexpected.


When my son got married, his betrothed stood in the front of the church with her eight year old daughter at her side. When the time came to exchange the rings, he put a ring on his future wife's finger, then kneeled down and put a second ring on the daughter's finger. Pure class.

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My sister and I are both gay. We both got married to our partners in our late 40’s. Because obviously the law didn’t allow same sex marriage until 2014 in UK my partner and I were one of the first gay couples to marry in my area and my dad gave me away did a beautiful speech.

Sadly a couple years later by the time my sister got married, my dad had had a stroke that had left him paralysed and he also had dementia. On her wedding day I went to the home and helped to dress my dad got him into the wheelchair. He was really out of it. Days before he’d been excited about the wedding but he was now grumpy and He didn’t understand what was going on. As soon as my sister got to the home and he saw her in her wedding dress. He changed completely.

He said: “You look beautiful girl.” Which caused us both to cry. For that day he was more with it than he had been for years. He walked her down the aisle with me pushing him in the wheelchair he enjoyed the reception. It was such a special day for us. Few years on our dad dementia has progressed but we still have the memory of that day with him.

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"There's no point ruining the day you've planned so long and hard for. It's just a party. What matters is the marriage," they pointed out what truly matters. The happy couple can sometimes forget the point of getting married in the first place among all the things that are going on, leading up to the Big Day.

Now, when it comes to the people surrounding the marrying couple, they can really end up making a huge difference by lending a helping hand.

"The mark of a great wedding crew is someone who does whatever they can to reduce the stress for the marrying couple," they noted that people like the maid of honor, the best man, and everyone else closely involved in the wedding prep ought to have a single focus: making things easier for the happy couple.


I once saw a bride spill red wine on her gown, and without hesitating, the groom poured some on his shirt. Adorable.

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My son was just starting to be potty trained. We started training him how to pee in the backyard. We went to a super posh wedding in Downtown ATL and took him. The reception was in a garden courtyard that was fenced in. We weren't too worried about where he was....until.
my wife: have you seen son?
Me: no
Wife: oh my God! He's pissing on that ice sculpture!

That's right. My 4 year old son had his pants and undies all the way down to his ankles giving a golden shower to a very elaborate ice sculpture of the goddess Venus. The wedding photographer was getting it all.

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A guy who was VERY high up the chain of command in the Korean DMZ tried to wife swap with me. Him and his wife was about 30 years older than me and my girl.

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"That looks different for everyone but, at the end of the day, they're there to help take the burden off you and make your day better and more enjoyable," Anna and Sarah said. If the wedding crew is making your life easier, then obviously they're doing something right. On the other hand, if you find yourself with even more chaos and stress in your life, you might want to have a friendly chat with your crew about the type of help that you might need.

One of the main things to know before your wedding ceremony is that not everything will go according to plan. Instead of trying to control every tiny detail and getting burned out, it’s important to embrace the fact that unexpected situations, both pleasant and the opposite, are likely to pop up. And you’ll have to deal with them along the way. That’s just how life works.

Just because you’re the one getting married doesn’t mean that you have to be responsible for every tiny little detail of the Big Day. That’s what vendors, family, and friends are for. Don’t be afraid to delegate at least some of the decision-making processes. And always have someone who can step in and solve any problems that arise along the way.


Last summer my BIL got married and I discovered that you were supposed to pull your mask down to drink.

For a year and a half I had been drinking through my mask in public. Just using it as a strainer, basically. No one ever said a god damn word to me.

The bride's sister was seated at my table and she saw me dump a cup of ice on myself while I was trying to down a Shirley Temple and asked what the hell I was doing. When I explained she had to send her nephew to go get her purse because she was laughing so hard she needed her inhaler.

Why did no one say anything???

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When I was 6 I got my uncle's reception swated because I was curious if you could call the cops from a pay phone without paying. Apparently the answer is yes. Also apparently if you hang up when they answer and don't answer when they call back they send the swat team out to clear the building.

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At my brothers wedding my niece was four years old and she decided after seeing my brother, my other brother (her dad and best man) do speeches she should too. She preceeded to tell everyone that when her mum and dad got married she was in her mums tummy and sometimes she wished she could crawl back up into it to take a nap.

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Very recently, Bored Panda spoke about perfectionism and the healthy way to react to failure with Professor Suzanne Degges-White from Northern Illinois University.

"A sense of humor and flexibility are key traits to successful adulthood and being able to laugh at our missteps allows us to go easy on ourselves when we do something potentially embarrassing. No one likes to 'lose face,' and that is engrained to varying degrees across cultures. Unfortunately, our brains may be especially prone to catastrophizing events and so we might make something more out of something no one else really noticed and no one else will recall later on," the Licensed Counselor explained to us.

"For decades, magazines have been publishing those 'Boy! Was my Face Red!' type of columns where people shared their embarrassing moments. When we are able to 'get it off our chest,' we actually feel better about the event. That's a healthy response to an embarrassing moment. When our personalities are wired to feel that we must be 'perfect' in all that we do, we internalize negative feelings about the mistake we made and mistakenly assume that everyone else is judging us due to that one moment," the professor told Bored Panda.

"Fortunately, our brains are designed to protect us from pain and many of us may suffer horrible humiliation at some point in our lives, but we can benefit from a brain that allows us to 'selectively forget' the incident, or else we're able to rationalize it by reminding ourselves that 'everyone makes mistakes,' 'it was just one time and no one will remember it,' or similar healthy responses."


I was at my dad's wedding to my ex stepmom. It came time for the bouquet and garter toss.

When my stepmom threw the bouquet, my grandmother caught it. We were all pretty stunned since the woman was the frailest little old lady you'd ever meet. When it was time for my dad to throw the garter, every single man on the floor ran away.

The DJ ran up, grabbed the garter, ran back to his setup, and played Pony by Ginuwine, and then proceeded to perform a full (and fully clothed) stripper dance over to my grandmother and put the garter on her leg. I've never seen her turn so red before or since.

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My ex told me last minute I had to cancel my plans to go to a drag show with a friend because he needed me as a plus one at his friend's ultra conservative, very Catholic (4 hour ceremony with homophobic sermon with sit stand sit stand sit stand) wedding. It was in the same city. We went to the venue for the reception, and the drag show happened to be down the hallway. I randomly ditched to go to the show with my friend who was originally planned to spend the day with me, and the drag queens found their way down the hallway and stole some dances with the bride and groom and scared the ever living s**t out of the elderly. The bride and groom enjoyed their time. It ended up being pretty cool.

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I don’t think this qualifies as my best wedding story, but it’s certainly one of my favorites after all the sh**show drunk family weddings I grew up going to. My aunt’s (eventual ex) husband showed up to a family wedding wearing overalls with kittens- yes, live kittens- stuffed down the bib of the overalls and kept requesting strictly ZZ Top songs and would stand in the middle of the dance floor holding kittens up and just nodding and smiling at people. While wearing sunglasses indoors the whole night, of course. I’ve been to some really beautiful and meaningful weddings and have witnessed some absolutely magical moments, but nothing beats a goofy drunk grown man enjoying the bajesus out of some kittens and trying to share that joy with others at a wedding. What a weirdo

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When dealing with embarrassment, imperfections, and mistakes, it’s best to tackle these things head-on. "The best way to embrace our mistakes is to acknowledge we've made one—or else no learning can take place. Then remind ourselves that everyone makes mistakes—that's totally normal behavior! Then figure out a way to laugh at yourself before allowing someone else to laugh at you first. When you laugh at yourself, others laugh WITH you, not AT you,” the expert said that a good sense of humor helps in all facets of life.


I was best man at my brother’s wedding and after a day of near panic attacks I finally delivered the speech, and it was enough of a success that I finally earned that beer I’d been avoiding. When the rest of the speeches were done I headed from the top table straight out through these double doors off to the right side toward a bar I knew was there in this hotel. The only person stood in that room was the girl I ended up marrying 3 years later. Also turns out she grew up 2 doors down from my parents (where I also grew up) and we’d never met.

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So. Long time friend from uni was getting married in South Africa (she was Afrikaans and wed out there for legal reasons etc.) and nobody from his side of the wedding could make it for money reasons.

I hear from his sister in confidence he wanted to ask me to be best man but didn't ask as I was self employed and previously mentioned money implications. Well, challenge accepted, boyo!

I conspire with his fiance who gives me her daughters number (who is maid of honour) to fly out there. So, I literally finish a contract, get a bus to London, fly from London to Kenya, Kenya to Johannesburg, train in Joberg to a random station where the maid of honour picks me up and make it to the wedding with 15 minutes to spare after 22hours of travelling.

Neat story, right? But wait. There's more!

So remember the maid if honour I told you about? The daughter of my best friends (now) wife? Well, we hit it off. Big time.

My friends wedding was 5 years ago. Myself and that lovely maid of honour have been married for a year now.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how my best friend became my step-father in-law.

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I was about 8, going to my mom's cousin's wedding.

And I was absolutely crushed because my sister got to be the flower girl, while I had to be there with absolutely nothing to do.

So, the bride handed me a bucket of dirt (that had presumably been holding the flowers my sister would be scattering), and said I got to be the "dirt boy".

I did nothing aside from carry a bucket of dirt around. But I was just happy that I got to participate.

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When I was in high school, my best male friend and I had a mutual close female friend. We used to spend every Sunday with her and hang out at her house. One day she asked if we wanted to spend the night and we said "your parents are cool with that? Two guys staying with their daughter?" and she said yeah. So we started spending the night at her place from time to time. Flash forward years later, she's getting married and she invites both of us. Neither one of us has a date so we agree to go together. At the reception her dad comes up to us, a smile beaming across his face, and he shouts our names and says, "Holy s**t, I can't believe you guys are still together! That's amazing. So proud of you guys for sticking it out. You were always my favorite couple." We're left completely stunned and confused. When our friend makes our way to us, we ask what the hell her dad was talking about and she breaks down almost into tears from how hard she is laughing. That is when she finally told us that she told her parents we were gay and a couple in high school and that is why we were allowed to stay at her house. All these years her dad was convinced we were a couple and after seeing us together at her wedding, nothing will ever change his mind.

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I was a flower girl in wedding of my cousin.

I was a really shy kid but I was doing okay during the practice. On the day of the wedding the amount of people overwhelmed me so when it was about to start I started crying (I know I know don't have kids in your weddings lmao).

Everyone had a partner aside from me and the maid of honor or at least that was the plan.

A boy from one of the guests approached me, inserted his arm in my arm and made me walk while telling me not to cry. I stopped sobbing but was still a crying mess while walking and showering the isle with petals.

It was a disaster but without that boy I probably would've just ran.


I was *thiiis close* to convincing a drunk woman that I was Guy Fieri.

I look nothing like Guy Fieri.

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My cousin's wedding in Maryland. The bride was Catholic and her uncle was a priest, so of course the wedding was held in the church that the uncle led.

It turned out, during the wedding service, there was a reception for another wedding going on in the basement of the same church, complete with DJ music that was leaking upstairs.

Literally, at the moment that Uncle Priest said "you may kiss the bride", the DJ downstairs started playing "Roll Out the Barrel."

Everybody thought it was hilarious except the bride's mom, who quit her membership in that congregation the next day.

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The country club that hosted my cousin's wedding reception thought it'd be a great idea to roll out a TV with the Stanley Cup finals on. Neither she nor the groom were hockey fans, so no one was really sure why they did it. But it ended up being half the people on the dance floor, half the people gathered around TV watching the hockey.

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I was an alter boy at a church when i was younger maybe 10-12! Anyway the priest was asked to come perform the ceremony and me and another alter boy came to help him out! We get there and there's maybe an hour before the wedding starts and this woman comes in off the street into the ceremony and starts with her anti-lesbian propaganda and me and the other boy are trying to get out of the way of her and the priest, I swear, comes out of nowhere and shuts her down in 5 mins! So she starts going off on the priest about how he should be ashamed to be hosting "this kind of wedding" and how were all going to hell! Everyone is freaking out thinking the wedding is ruined! Father Don straight up picks this woman up and throws her out the big a*s doors and slams them right in her face and walks off with everyone watching like this 75 year old man didn't just throw this lady like it was nothing! He turns to us two and says we better hurry the wedding is about to start!

I always remember that because he straight up rag dolled this lady! You've gotta respect Priests! He wasn't about to have his beliefs challenged like that! Thanks for listening!

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I was a teen when my much older cousin was married. When the priest asked if anyone had an objection ( he actually asked) Goddamn if my drunk a*s Scottish uncle didn't stand right up and tell everyone quite loudly and clearly what a bad idea it was for them to get married. The priest said it was more about if anyone knew if they were close relations. Turns out my drunk a*s uncle was right.

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I went to a wedding where the minister rhymed through the entire ceremony. From the looks on the bride and groom's faces this was not something he had discussed with them.

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My brother got invited to a family friend's wedding. The baker bailed, a week before the big day. (What kind of baker does that, ikr). The bride's mother and relatives got together, and baked a 3-tier rectangular shortcake/fruitcake combo. They wheeled it in, and the guests were like: "Wait a minute, this doesn't look like a real wedding cake!" The bride's mother stepped up to the mic, and explained. Robert and Shelley lived happily ever after.

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Okay so I got scanned for a kidney stone in early January and it was too big to pass. So I had to schedule surgery to get it broken up. They couldn’t schedule me in until late February and my buddies wedding was 1 day before my surgery. I go the entire time perfectly fine with this ticking time bomb in my kidney but I’m sitting there at the wedding the bride is slowly making her way down the isle and boom. My stone hits me like a f*****g cement truck. I look over to my friend and say “dude. I have to f*****g leave right now.” And I run out saying I’m f*****g sorry and book it to my car where I can lay down cause I start throwing up over and over from sheer pain. I text one of my friends like send someone back I need them to drive me out of here. One of my friends comes and drives my car ( I was a designated driver for 3 because I don’t really drink and they all wanted to get wasted so I don’t really mind. This is important later.) back to his hotel and I lay in his bed throwing up and moaning in pain for hours before I beg him to take me to the hospital. I didn’t want to go if I didn’t have to to avoid the bill. It’s finally late probably like 12 A.M. when I’m finally in the hospital with the friend that’s been looking after me and have been dosed with all sorts of pain killers. He keeps getting spam called by one of the friends I car pooled saying to come pick him up. Mind you we offered to take him back with us but he wanted to stay for the after party. Turns out him and another friend got WAY to drunk and got into a fight. The owners of the land they were on, the wife, punched one of them for some reason. So he had enough and wanted to get picked up but the friend who was looking after me was just like, dude call an Uber I’m here with OP in the hospital. He wasn’t having any of it and kept calling and texting. About an hour later we find out that both of them got arrested and spent the night in jail. S**t was absolutely hectic af and I sent an apology to my friend who got married because I had a kidney stone attack as the bride walked to the isle lol.


At our wedding, as the bridal party is getting ready to enter the reception, the table that was holding our cake fell over. I guess one of the legs wasn't secured correctly.

So my wife was obviously panicked. As myself and everyone else is trying to comfort her, we didn't notice my aunt (who made the cake for us) and a few of my cousins picked it up. We go on as planned, thinking that everything is ok if that's the worst thing that happens.

As we're eating our dinner, my mom comes up and tells me that my aunt and cousins are fixing the cake. We go to the back room, and there's like 10 people (including all of my cousins) working on decorating the cake again. Luckily, the cake didn't actually fall on the floor, just the table cloth. They weren't able to get it back to its original design, but it was my wife's second favorite design, and the topper was missing a leg (which was never located).

Less than an hour after it fell, they wheeled out the cake and everyone got to enjoy it just as planned. It went from a moment of panic, to a fun story to tell.


We were seated.in the church balcony for my nephew's wedding. The video and audio equipment was just in front on us. Before the ceremony even began my husband started to sniffle-cry. When my sister, the groom's mother who had just completed cancer treatments, was escorted in, he cranked it up several notches, and then throughout the ceremony he is sobbing. All you hear on their video is crying. He kept crying afterward to the point he couldn't even explain, but when he did it was basically reviewing the child's life and how quickly this little boy went from Hot Wheels and Smurfs to standing at the altar. It was really sweet, but I do hate that their videos was ruined. Their son just graduated college and my husband passed away in '19.


I barely knew the bride, who was the daughter of my baby sitter. I didn't know anyone from the groom's side of the wedding party, but I noticed they were pacing and looked like the world was ending. I went an asked them what was the problem. The groom had left the wedding ring in his apartment 25 miles away, and they were ultra-religious and planned to have the rings blessed during the ceremony. They didn't want the bride to know, so none of them could leave without being noticed missing from the ceremony. So I volunteered to take the drive through Chicago traffic, and told the groom that he had to give me his keys and exact instructions to find the ring. He trusted me. I violated a few driving laws, but I was trained to drive fire trucks and also had been a professional driver for many years. I made it back, just as the bride's father was about to enter the sanctuary with her. I snuck the ring into his hand and whispered into his ear instructions to sneak the ring to the groom. It all worked out well. The groom told the story to the bride, hours later after the reception.

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At my uncle’s wedding reception, there was this fancy port-a-potty, that looked like a real bathroom that, and the outside looked like a trailer.

Everyone is under this huge tent and on the dance floor when I have to the bathroom. I go into one of the stalls, but when I try to leave it, the door handle comes off. So now I’m trapped and screaming for help.

10 minutes later my aunt, the bride, comes in with her friends and hears me. Five minutes later, there are ten people in this small bathroom standing around while someone gets a crowbar.

My aunt’s friends are claustrophobic and screaming to try and reassure me while I’m standing in the stall completely calm. It was like they thought they were the ones stuck.

My drunk uncle, the groom, finally makes it in with the crowbar and has me out within minutes. Now we laugh about every time we see each other.

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When my best friend got married, I was one of the groomsmen. My first time in a tuxedo, lookin’ sharp.

Now, the tux I had, there were these buckles at the waistline—not like a belt buckle, as it turns out, but I had no idea what they were there for. I was hanging out with others in the wedding party, and one pointed them out:

“Hey, what are those buckles for?”

(Being a smartass) “oh, they’re to hook your thumbs in so you can look cool. Like this”

I hooked my thumbs into the buckles, which caused them to open, loosening the waist and my pants slid to the ground in full view of everyone.

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I'm biased because it was mine.

At our wedding my MOH and the best man gave speeches. These were planned, as is tradition. What was nit planned and a total shock to us was the best man working with my then 5 year old stepson write a speech as well.

He killed it. It was adorable and all about how he's happy we got married, how much he loves me and how he cant wait to eat cake.

He loved the cake and still talks about it a few years later.

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I was standing up with college friend at his wedding.

The setting: Mitchell, South Dakota, summer 1996. A big old Methodist church downtown, with no air conditioning. It was HOT.

The bride: local girl.

The groom: one of my college friends, at the time a paramedic, volunteer firefighter, and wannabe triathlete. Today a physician, retired Air Force Colonel and veteran ER doc in private practice. One of the most rock-solid people I had ever met.

The best man: the groom’s younger brother, a linebacker size linebacker on his college football team.

The groomsmen: three fellow paramedics and me, a guy working in a call center in Minneapolis.

We had bottles of water lining the communion rail and were going through them like the open bar was about to close and they wanted to empty the last keg.

Early in the ceremony, at the end of one of the prayers, the minister noted that the groom “looked as white as his shirt.” My wife was most of the way to the back of the sanctuary and she could tell from there that he didn’t look good.

Suddenly, down goes the groom!

Best man catches him on the way down and holds him upright.

Minister decides to skip the homily and go straight to the vows. (To this day, you cannot hold the groom to his vows, he has no idea what he said)

Vows complete, down goes the groom again!

And down goes the bride!

We got them into the front pew for a sort-of presentation of the happy couple, dismissed the guests and helped the bride and groom into a nearby chapel, which was air conditioned.

As they recovered, they started laughing about it, which was good. It gives them a great story to tell their (eventual) grandkids.

At the reception (held elsewhere) it was noted they never lit their unity candle, so they did so.

It wouldn’t light.

They’ve been married almost 26 years, have two wonderful daughters, and gave me one of my all time favorite stories.

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I was going to use my sister's wedding dress for my wedding. It was a supper expensive gown. We live in Florida and she's in Texas and brought i
The dress to Florida and I didn't get to try it on until the wedding day. Didn't fit :/ my pregnant sister, my mom and me drove like crazy to a store and I bought a dress off the mannequin. We got a flat tire on a bridge going to the Florida key to my parents house where the wedding was on. Made it by 20 minutes and borrowed my new mother-in-laws shoes. 53 years and counting now.

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My ex husband stood me up for our wedding rehearsal. My brother had to stand in for the groom while we walked through the positioning and whatnot.

Of course my other brother takes a photo, posts with the comment “when your brother marries your sister #GoT”

I’ll never live that down.

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Mom and dad were invited to a very pretentious wedding, the food was so sophisticated that people didn't understand the classiness and mistook it for "small bits and shits in the plate".

At the end of the rehearsal lunch they all were still hungry and unsatisfied. Dad's hillbilly relatives had homemade pork loin, salami and bread in their cars and they organised a second rehearsal in the parking lot, cutting bread and loin on the trunks of the car. Guests joined the after party in the parking lot. The bride was so ashamed she cried. The groom ate the best meal of the day when his uncles gave him a big sandwich.


It was just after my cousin's wedding (Cousin A), and everyone was together, eating and drinking, having fun, and I decided it would be a brilliant idea to take a group of young kids I'd just met, and my heavily, heavily pregnant other cousin (Cousin B) to explore a maze which was at the venue.

I was quite young at the time, and hence a little stupid, and together we all went into the maze. It was overgrown and we got lost after about ten minutes, with several of the kids sprouting rashes from touching plants. The kids were crying, and I was panicking because what the hell would I do if cousin B's water broke? They were actually around their due date, so it felt like a very real possibility to a young, teenage me. I wouldve had no idea what to do

Fortunately, we did make our way out - the kids had their rashes attended to and my cousin gave birth to a healthy baby a few weeks later.


I went to a Scientology wedding once and I swear I thought I was on some kind of candid camera show. First of all when we got there (it was in the backyard of a suburban neighborhood home) the groom was in shorts and a t shirt up on the roof replacing shingles. Just hammering away. Everyone was all dressed up and wondering what the heck was going on but sat down in the folding chairs in the yard. All the chairs were arranged looking at a tree that had a super dusty ball of dried chili peppers hanging on it by way of decoration. It was sooo hot out there and we waited and waited and the groom just kept on shingling the roof. It started getting late, at least an hour after it was supposed to start and everyone was being eaten alive by the mosquitoes in the grass. Finally the guy came down from the roof, the bride came outside, the officiant also finally showed up and then the speaking started. It was less a wedding ceremony and more of an attempted conversion of the wedding guests. Finally when it was over the officiant left awkwardly, ran over the basket ball hoop in the driveway (he didn’t stop and everyone appeared to be ignoring it) and drove squealing away. Everyone kind of milled around and ate food but it felt wrong and awkward, too quiet for a wedding. I remember seeing a cicada shedding its exoskeleton nearby on a tree in the yard and thinking, yeah buddy, I feel like crawling out of my skin too. Very weird experience.


TLDR. I was in an abusive relationship, went to this friend wedding. The pastor started talking s**t about marriage being forever and stared at me while saying "FOR EVER". I broke up with my crazy abusive girlfriend the next day over that epiphany. Told my friend the story of how her wedding made me realize i was with the wrong person on her husband's funeral few years later( he got cancer).. No regrets, she was one psycho girlfriend.


I was a flower girl at a wedding when I was seven. The wedding was held at a winery and the only drinks they had at the reception were wine, obviously. I picked up what I thought was a glass of juice, took a huge swig, discovered it tasted horrible, and spit it out all over the floor, my white dress, and the cup. My papa later took a drink out of that cup but I don't feel bad because he is an a*****e. My mom was pretty mad about my dress, but she was even more mad that my dad left me unsupervised enough to grab a glass of wine. My baby cousin also bit the bride on the leg an hour later. I bet they wish they didn't allow kids to the wedding.


I was at a wedding where the flower girl was probably a little too young. Came down the aisle ok dropping flower petals correctly. Once the ceremony started though she got a little bored. After a little fidgeting up there with everyone else she calmly and politely turned, went a few steps to the aisle she had come in on and she started picking up the flower petals she had dropped on the way in. Carefully putting them back into her flower petal basket. All the way back to her entry point. Then she hung out in the back until the service was over. Sat with a relative in the back of the church.


More disturbing, but I guess it's the "best" for telling. I was attending a wedding of a good friend of mine. Turns out the honeymoon started early. Caught the bride and groom, and the maid of honor and the best man, going at it. I just backed away slowly and closed the door.


I'm at my cousin's very proper wedding. The father of the bride is making a heartfelt speech and mentions his deceased sister. Immediately after which my phone receives a message. The tone was Homer Simpson saying a little too loudly, "Better them than us". I slithered out first chance I got.


I once met two different Santa Clauses at the same backyard wedding. Like, they both were legit professional Santas during the holidays. One of them was carrying around a huge Mason jar of homemade moonshine and calling people "pussies" if they didn't drink from his jar.


Went to my uncles wedding around last summer, summer of 2021. While the lucky couple were saying their vows, their big white husky came in and started licking my uncle. He bent down, and narrowly missed a dart that was thrown by my idiot younger cousin. WHO WAS HIS SON. MY COUSIN NEARLY ASSASSINATED HIS DAD ON HIS BIG DAY. And it was because he was dared to do it for twenty dollars by his equally stupid sister. Twenty dollars in exchange for a dead dad and pissed future mom isn’t a good trade offer

TLDR: My uncles husky saved his life from a stray dart thrown by his own son


I was the bartender at a wedding reception with an open bar. The bride, groom, and most of the guests looked under age. I started carding them and sure enough I could not serve any of the wedding party and most of the wedding guests.


I was the man of honor at my platonic girl-spacebar-friend's wedding when we were both about 25 or 26. I walked her 80-something yo grandmother down the aisle. Amazing woman. She and I rly clicked with each other. Got along great. The grandma was this ray of sunshine.

The grandmother treated everybody (including total strangers like me) like they were her closest family. She was smiling all day long and ended up being the breakout star of the wedding (aside from the bride, my friend) because everyone loved spending time with her.

She died about a year later. And her funeral ended up being almost standing room only because she had made so many friends in her long life that absolutely loved her. Even some people who only met her once at the wedding attended the funeral.


Bride throws wedding cake at Groom!! This happened about 8 years ago and the Groom was a decorated war hero who saved his entire squad from a burning munitions bunker in Afghanistan and had already done three voluntary tours in Afghanistan and was about to go on a tour for the fourth time. His soon to be wife was not in favor of him going on tour but unbeknownst to her, the Groom had already signed up. To this day I don’t know how the bride found out, my guess is one of her bridesmaid found out and snitched, but next thing I know she is yelling at him and calling all sorts of names such as “Juiced up on Steroids D******d” and “Thick skull Jarhead”. And then took the whole 6-layered cake and smashed and smothered it all over him. It was very entertaining to watch and got 2 mil views on YouTube. After about 15 minutes of arguing the bride started to drink, a LOT, and by the end she was so drunk she was making out with her bridesmaid (who she is married to now). As of today the bride is now a divorce lawyer (ironic), and the groom is currently serving in Ukraine. The End!


At my cousin's wedding, the father of the groom gave this really, really long blessing. After he'd been droning on forever, he turned his paper over and had just as many notes on the back as the front. At this exact moment, the three-year-old flower girl let out the world's biggest yawn of boredom. The timing was perfect (and was what the rest of us wanted to do).


When my husband and I had been dating for a few months I was invited to his brothers wedding. He was in the wedding party and was obviously already there. I was running late. I wore a knee length skirt and couldn't find undies that didn't show a panty line.....so I skipped them all together figuring I'd be safe given the length of my skirt.

What I didn't plan on was the 5 glasses of wine I would drink....or the bumpin music that would be played. Everyone was gettin down a lil dirty on the dance floor and my husband hiked my leg up around him.........my entire skirt scrunched up over my a*s.......

Very few women can actually say that the first time they met their inlaws they got naked from the waist down........


This will absolutely be buried but I like this story so for all 2 of you that read this, thank you. Background: My mom is the most extroverted extrovert you will ever meet. She can make a lifelong friend in a matter of hours, and it amazes me. Also about my mom she was in her early 60s at the time of this story and is overweight. Not fat shaming, just a fact. She's also a total lush. This happened at one of my cousin's wedding. The best man and my mom were the first 2 people on the dance floor so my mom being my mom made a new bff right away. The best man was a super good looking, fit guy in his 30s. They were not flirting or dancing suggestively in any way. It was a great wedding, one of the best ones I've been to. My cousin posts the pictures on Facebook and there's a woman who's face is blurred out in every single photo. Someone in the comments asked why this lady's face was blurred out and my cousin replied that it was the best man's date and she was blurred out because she threatened to kill one of the bride's aunt's. I ask my mom if she's heard about this since it would be either her, her sister or sister in law. She looks shocked and says no. About five minutes later she gasps and goes, "It was me! She yelled at me in the parking lot and said she would kill me if I danced with her boyfriend again. I didn't take her seriously though because look at me! I thought it was funny so I told Julie [her sister and the bride's mom]. Leave it to Julie to make it dramatic." Anyways, I guess the moral of the story is if you feel your relationship with a young good looking fit guy is threatened by a drunk overweight senior citizen, get some therapy andor dump the guy.


Two of my college friends got married 23 years ago next weekend. I was 24. They're still married, which is epic.

A Jewish wedding features this structure called a chuppah. It's almost a tent, but more like a big cloth tacked at its corners into long poles. The spouses-to-be and the rabbi stand under it, and the parents stand just to the side.

The ceremony was outdoors. The wind picked up and the chuppah kept nearly falling. Each parent grabbed one pole and held it up.

We were all crying. It was so symbolic of the support of the community in their lives, on and on.

(Some of us were also baked. It was still beautiful.)


I was covering coatcheck one night and I overhead someone lightly crying from a nearby fitting room. The Bride walked out and seemed embarrassed that I heard her and she was having a mild panic attack. We got to talking and I got her laughing a bit yet she didn't want to go back upstairs. "No big deal" says I and I trained her on how to work the coat room. She was having a blast, all the relatives played along and I even let her the tips.


A few of good ones:

1) Bridesmaid barfed into her hands during the ceremony! Her back was to the congregation and the other bridesmaids helped her exit the area with very few people aware of what happened.

2) When the pastor got to the part about anyone objecting, an Elvis impersonator barged into the back of the church, objected, sang, thanked us, then left the building. Hilarious!

3) Saw the bride tearing holes in gifts to see what she got, then b*tched about them. On the way out, the groom says, ‘Let’s hope this lasts longer than my last one.’ Turns our the last one lasted 2 weeks.


When my sister got married, her husband’s nephew who was about 3 at the time, was the ring bearer.

He came down the aisle with the flower girl, walking so slowly with his little pillow with the rings secured with ribbons. Once they got up to the altar and the ceremony got started, he got bored and basically put on his own little clown show. He was holding the little pillow but paying more attention to his own performance.

He didn’t notice when they untied and removed the rings. A few minutes later when he did realize they were missing, he went over to my BIL, jerked on his pants leg and asked VERY LOUDLY, “Joey, did you take my rings?” Everyone there cracked up.

For years, it was on ongoing joke, “Joey, did you take my rings?”


A whole table of guests were a no-show which means us caterers in the back get their food. I hoarded two whole takeout boxes of deep fried soft-shell crab, which is my food heaven.


At my recent reception I had all my nieces (five of them) be flower girls. My sister was the photographer. I was kinda expecting her oldest daughter, who is 8, and normally this bold boisterous girl who lives for this sort of stuff, to kind of lead the pack. But she woke up with a cold and was pretty down all day.

So, after the flower girls had finished dumping their petals and I had gotten up the aisle to meet my husband, right as my sister walked front and center of everyone to take a picture, said oldest niece walked forward, grabbed my sister’s skirt, and blew her nose straight into it.


The groom dislocated his knee while dancing. he decided it would be a perfect time to do the splits James Brown style, which he had never even tried to do before. I helped wheel his gurney out to the ambulance.


I was at a friends wedding. 3 hours in, standing in line for drinks with my gf. We’re both pretty sauced and laughing. She has this worried look on her face and starts frantically tapping my chest. I turn around to see what she was freaking out about and a fight was happening. I ran over to pull one of the guys off of the other and I pinned him against the wall and said “bro, we’re at a wedding” and he just responded like a child that just got in trouble “yeah, I know.” While I’m holding him against the wall for him to calm down, queue other guys gf walking up to us and slapping this man across the face with the force of Thor’s hammer. He took it like a champ, but he probably could have dodged it had I not been bear hugging him into a wall


I'm a former wedding planner, and my own wedding was an elegant supper club-style (think jazz, rat pack, etc) Clothing was ready, ballroom was decorated, catering, dessert bar, flowers, music, all of it was perfectly planned. Since I'm in the industry, I was getting married on a Sunday because I know it's waaaay cheaper. The rehearsal dinner was fun, and we retired to our hotel on Saturday night for final checks. The next morning, after breakfast, we had a couple hours to kill, so we took our kids swimming in the hotel pool.

So here we are, Sunday morning, pool to ourselves, having a blast, and we realized that we didn't have wedding rings! (We didn't have a formal proposal, so no rings.) We called my parents down to the pool to watch the kids, got dressed, and jumped into the car (with wet pool hair, might I add!) We drove to all the jewelry stores in the city to pick up some wedding bands, but since it was Sunday morning, every place was closed. We realized the only store open was Sears, so we hit up the jewelry counter at Sears and spent $200 on some cheap-a*s wedding rings, hustled back downtown to the hotel, and showered up in time for the hair/makeup people to arrive.

The photos, ceremony, and reception went off without a hitch, and the evening was truly lovely. We never did replace our craptastic Sears wedding rings, and we get a kick out of telling the story now. Life is always full of surprises, and the rings are just a reminder that you gotta roll with the punches and not take yourselves too seriously.


At my wedding I forgot the ring so my brother jumped in my dad's nearly new Buick and wrote it off rushing back to the house to get the ring.
He came back to the church driving his cargo van. I ask him where the car is and he says don't worry about it. So after some prodding he tells me it's not drivable because the front tires are looking at each other.
So we go thru the ceremony and I'm just scared that my dad is going to kill us both when he finds out. After the ceremony we go out and my brother tells my mom and her answer is don't tell your dad yet. My brothers answer is ya know mom as the days go by I'm pretty sure dad's going to notice he doesn't have a car.

When we were getting the photos taken my brother was on the phone with the police reporting the accident. Some where I'm sure there is a picture of my brother in his tux at the park talking to the police explaining why he did a hit and run on some farmers fence went into the field then back onto the road and kept going.

The other part was my daughter who was 3 at the time was the flower girl. She practiced and was really exited but no one told her the church would be full of people. She had her basket walks in to the isle and stops dead an you just heard her little voice go all the people. So I crouched down and called her and she came up the isle to see me and spread her flowers.

At my daughter's wedding as we came around the corner to walk her down the isle I looked over at her and said we told you there would be people here this time right. She was laughing as we walked down the isle. It made great pics as she had a huge smile as we walked


This will get buried, but when I was driving to meet up with my mom to get into my wedding dress I realized that I never changed from the granny panties I had on when I went to get my hair done to my cute lacy panties for the wedding.

When I met up with my mom I told her how stupid I felt because it was such a small detail and it was bumming me out.

My mom took off her very cute, lacy white underwear and gave them to me ?? and she was pantiless at my wedding!

We vowed we would never tell anyone but it was too funny not to share!!


My buddy’s second wedding had blueberry mojitos as the cocktail hour drink “special” (servers going around with trays of them if you wanted that kind of thing.) it was 90 degrees that day and they were GOOD so we put down far too many both for taste and temperature. We all know that tale. My only memory from later that evening is a moment of clarity at the reception where our other friend looks mortified and we find out he just got caught having sex in the “woods” behind the venue. We didn’t think the bride and groom knew til weeks later when they bust out laughing talking about how eventful their wedding was the next time we all hung out.


My sister brought her own bottle of Moscato and drank it before dinner. She wasn’t supposed to give a speech, but my other sister was too shy to do it alone. Drunk sister gets her turn and tells everyone how much fun we had going out to bars and I helped her meet her husband…well ex husband. They are getting divorced. “But”gulp…tears..”she’s going to be ok.” That became the running joke with our friends for years after. She then spilled her wine down my back while giving a hug and aggressively asked every man if they were married the rest of the night.


Got married in secret at Gretna Green (Google it) on April fools day

Spent the rest of the day phoning people to tell them and drinking heavily (before obvious marriage sex)

We pretty much had to reconfirm the next day that no we weren't joking ?

Loved it.... Couldn't imagine doing it any other way


My sister and I were in the weird but chill position of both preparing for and having for our weddings in the same year. I was in grad school at the time, arranging my stuff by distance—including frugally picking up wedding stuff from kijiji and Facebook wedding sales groups. One of those random things was a really beautiful wedding gown—lace-up back, lace overlay with beautiful scalloping, bell-like skirt with train, beautiful beading, just my size—I already had a dress, but something about this was special. And it was only $50! I snapped it up—maybe I would reuse the lace or something? I wasn’t really sure but I felt like I just couldn’t pass it up.

Sister and I visited hometown together at Christmas (4ish months before her wedding, and 8ish months before mine) and she was telling my mother and I about the wedding dress she’d bought. She felt lukewarm about the tea-length lace dress she’d picked up, but REALLY hated the shopping process so she kinda shrugged and said she figured there’d be no special ‘say yes to the dress’ moment for her.

My mom started drawing out details Sister’d always pictured about her future dream dress from Sister … and it slotted into place—everything she’d always wanted was in this $50 dress I’d picked up. I started describing it—and Sister got excited too. She rushed to try it as soon as we got to our mum’s house; it fit Sister perfectly (no alternations needed), and she loved it!

Best wedding gift I ever could’ve given. Hands down. (The tea-length dress became her bridal shower dress—sparing her an extra shopping trip.) I really cherish fulfilling some of her girlhood bridal dreams and helping her joy—as a bride and as a human, she deserves better than “good enough.”


My mom was 20 minutes late to my parents wedding. She was riding to the church with her sister, who was both the maid of honor and an ER nurse working night shift. My aunt didn't wake up to her alarm, and so they ran a little late.

The adorable part was my dad's best man. My dad got really nervous waiting for my mom, and wanted to bolt. His best man got between him and the door, and told him he wasn't going anywhere.

Keep in mind that my dad is a big dude who had broken a Marine's nose during the garter toss at the best man's wedding a few months before. It was an accident where they both jumped to grab the garter, and my dad's elbow caught the other dude in the face on the way down, but still. Standing up to my dad takes balls.

My dad's best man was a brave soul who saved a good marriage.


When I was like 7 I went to my first wedding ever and there was a chocolate fountain. All I did was drink it and drink it, more and more, I was fricking unstoppable I began drinking it with my bare hands until my parents finally stepped in lol


My girlfriend was her friend’s flower girl and I was her plus one. She’s goofy and it was so adorable. I know I was supposed to be watching the wedding and all but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her the whole time.


I remember my reception. It was very informal (I wore shorts, Hubs wore cargo shorts and a tie dyed tshirt), best man brought his dog. It was in my parents' backyard in August. At one point, Hubs' nephew finds a dead snake. He ran around the entire reception trying to scare people with it. Then another kid found a garter snake that was alive. That was another whole thing. Mostly it was hilarious, especially when MIL got surprised. It is still the only emotion I have seen out of her, lol. Toward the end, my father got bored. So he got out the bubble stuff. We had giant bubbles (upward of 3 feet across) for the rest of the party. My dog loved bubbles and somehow Dad managed to get her partly inside one (just her head). She was such a happy dog over that.


My in laws are... Interesting people.
My hubs and I have known each other since sophomore year in high school and we got married in our 20s so I've known these people forever.

My mother in law wore black combat style boots with her very fancy ballgown type dress.

They brought their own big gulps to the reception.

My father in law refused to go to his sons bachelor party so my family saw that as a challenge. All of my male cousins, brothers, my dad and uncles took him out and fed him goldshlager all night. My uncle (who's a preacher) ended up in a backroom for a while paying for private dancers. Hubs was still drunk the next day - our wedding. Somehow they came home with a life-size stand of "The Most Interesting Man In The World" guy. Instead of like giving hubs water or Gatorade or something, FIL decided it was a good idea to pour out shots for hubs, FIL and the groomsmen to do in the church. My husband turns red when drunk. He looked like he had tomato skin all day/night.

My in laws were in charge of picking up our cake and placing the cake topper on it. They didn't take the cake topper off the base and just shoved it on top of the cake all wonky. She then took the cake topper and made a shadow box type thing but... Tacky looking with confetti and s**t thrown all over it.

MIL held husband's hand in every single photo. Like death grip status.

I've got so many more stories about these people but these are the only wedding related ones.


We eloped, planned it in 3 hours.

Coincidentally, my husband's friend and my friend wore matching outfits. They both wore a dark brown jacket with a white shirt and jeans.

My husband's friend brought a bouquet of roses. Um, that was good because we forgot to pick one up before the wedding. LOL

My friend brought a camera. That was good because we forgot that too.

We found an ordained minister who was able to do the ceremony in three hours. We didn't look at the details, we just wanted someone to make this thing official. He had a whole thing with rose petals, a vine with leaves that made a heart, and had a thing he wanted us to do like a real wedding.

I walked into the heart where my husband was waiting.

Everything just came together by chance.

The pictures look like we planned it all along.



The ship captain (boat wedding) who was marrying the couple gave a speech. In that speech he said “Their love for each other, runs deep as the marinara trench.” That’s not a typo, it’s what he said. Everyone just kind of ignored it but I thought it was funny.


This one was in Mexico, wedding was on the rural side quite far from civilization, traditions there are its own world usually the groom is thrown into the local river XD.

That day the "vocho" the bettle VolksWagen of my uncle got stuck on mud on the way to the wedding my dad and i got on the back to push it out ended up covered head to toe in mud.

Also i discovered i was attractive to some old ladies from there beign taken out for a dance, was nice to have some attention from the ladies for a change

fun times


Sister's wedding reception, my husband got drunk. But he's the "I love you guy" when he drinks. There were staff walking around with plates of hors d'oeuvres. One had bacon-wrapped scallops, his favorite. So every time he saw this poor woman, he cried out, "Friend!" before having some more. She'd laugh and he never harried her, so I don't think she was too bothered. And since we didn't have cash on us, we got my brother to tip her with the only cash he had in his wallet: a 20 euro bill (we're in America). I hope she got a good exchange rate on it ?


Halfway through my wedding reception, my MIL, who was 4ft 5" tall and weighed in at a whopping 75lbs, walked up to me in a bright red dress and 3" heels. She was higher than a kite, had a glass of wine in one hand and a ciggie in the other. This little woman looked me directly in the eye, smiled the biggest smile and said "He's your problem now honey" in the sweetest south TX accent. Then wobbled away to chat with people, big grin on her face. I still giggle 22 years later when I think of that moment. Pretty sure she had been waiting on that day for 31 years.


My cousin didn’t invite a bunch of relatives to his weeding because they were not part of he’s love story and apparently at the end only like 12 people showed up. It was really funny to just hear how mad he sounded, like a total diva, what a little b***h


I peed in my mother’s shoe at my cousin’s wedding. I don’t know how I missed, but the pee traveled down the toilet and her foot was pressed up right against the side. Her foot started getting wet and she was like, “OP! You’re peeing in my shoe!”


85yr old grandpa walking back from the open bar with a glass in hand. Asked him what he got to drink.


This man walks unsteadily with a cane to begin with, and he rarely drinks so his tolerance is LOW. One drink was enough to have us watching him closely.

It was a really entertaining night.


My daughter, who was 4 at the time, was a flower girl in my brother’s wedding. Her big sis helped her learn what she would be doing by giving her a basket with a few hair ties in at home. For a week, the girls practiced their processional, and my older daughter told her little sister to just throw one hair tie at a time and to practice walking and smiling. When the big day arrived, little sis carefully threw a single petal at a time, just like she had with the hair ties. The pictures of my older daughter cracking up at the realization she hadn’t told her sister to throw multiple flower petals are classics!