6 fun and vibrant lighting options that go beyond basic bulb


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A home without the right lighting can fall flat. Lighting affects the way we perceive and interact with the world around us, so why wouldn’t we want our home’s lighting to reflect our aesthetics and mood?

Pinterest predicted top home décor trends for 2021 and one of them is vibey lights, from neon hues to color-drenched to LED everything. These are not your average light bulbs, but rather vibrant options for décor and mood-setting.

If you’re looking to put some pizzazz into your home’s lighting, give this on-trend look a try. Here are six cool ideas that we love for anyone from star-gazers to concert kids.

1. Show your inner spirit with bright neon light signs

Credit: ifreelife
Reviewers love the planet-inspired neon sign for the easy set-up and "vibrant yet soft" lighting.

Ideal for: The statement-makers and trendy homeowners

Decorative neon light signs have been having a moment in the home décor space. You may have already seen these glowy signs across Instagram and Pinterest or even in your favorite restaurant or bar.

These bright additions can fit any personality or age. For something inspiring and uplifting, this ‘Do What You Love’ neon sign from Amazon makes for a simple addition that claims to last up to 100,000 hours of use.

For something a little more playful for a game room or your kid’s bedroom, this Saturn-inspired LED neon lights sign from Amazon adds a funky pop of color.

2. Get the party started with an LED floodlight

Credit: Getty Images / Daniel Lozano Gonzalez
Bright and bold neon floodlights may not be suitable for everyday use, but they sure are fun to pull out for get-togethers.

Ideal for: The party-starters and mood-light fanatics

Bring the concert or club lighting to your home with an LED floodlight that will drench the room with saturated colors for the ultimate mood-setter. This all-over lighting brightens a special occasion or just any regular weeknight with a neon escape.

This 100-watt equivalent floodlight is loved by reviewers for its small yet powerful color. This light can be used for both indoor and outdoor use, just in case you were looking to stock up on Christmas lights a little early.

3. Projectors offer different perspectives

Credit: BlissLights
Choose between a blue or green nebula before buying this small yet mighty projector.

Ideal for: Curious kiddos and wanderlust renters

Stuck at home and longing for the views from around the world? Or, do you want to go beyond what’s on Planet Earth? Light projectors are the way to escape the everyday monotony and are sure to keep you and kiddos everywhere entertained.

This dreamy night sky projector from Amazon produces a “nebula” scattered across your ceiling and walls for a hypnotizing effect. Have a date night under the stars or turn this on during movie night to add to the experience.

For something more customizable, this portable projector presents your photos or videos up on the wall in 1080p resolution. Project a peaceful rainforest scene or the waves of the ocean softly crashing for an ambient addition to the home. And, if you’re missing the movie theater, you can easily hook up your preferred streaming service.

4. Moody LEDs give off good vibes

Credit: Tasodin
These blue LED strip lights are also waterproof, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Ideal for: The minimalist who’s looking to expand to colors

LED strip lights have become a popular choice to create mood lighting in the home, whether it’s adding a little extra light along the kitchen cabinets and counters or providing a comfortable glow by your desk for working and studying.

Blue LED lights are among the most popular choice for home and bedroom lighting, according to Pinterest’s trend predictions for the year.

But, if you want something beyond blue, these top-rated color-changing LED strip lights offer hundreds of unique color temperature and lighting combinations you can create. They come with a remote control for easy access and even sync up with your own music.

5. String lights offer a subtle glow

Credit: Getty Images / svetikd
String lights aren't just for Christmas trees—these easy-to-install lights can be used just about anywhere in the home and are very renter-friendly.

Ideal for: Teens, tweens, and romantics

String lights are a classic choice for the outdoor patio—but, they can also make an adorable addition in kid bedrooms, a quaint living room, or a cozy nook in the home. They’re also great for a special occasion like a romantic dinner or an at-home, low-key birthday celebration.

These warm white lights are made for indoor or outdoor use and are loved by Amazon reviewers for the mesmerizing blinking and twinkling effect they create.

6. Smart lights make smart homes

Credit: LIFX Z
After testing it out, we found the Lifx Z LED Strip Kit to be very sturdy and easy to install.

Ideal for: The tech lover

If you love all-things smart home, you’ll love smart lights as they’re much more customizable than your average lights.

Our favorite smart LED strip light—ones you can control via an app from your phone—is the LIFX Z LED Strip Kit. The lights are easy to hook up to your Wi-Fi, provide a vibrant glow, and also produce an array of colors for any mood lighting you could ever want.

We’re also excited for new smart lighting technology from Twinkly like its Twinkly Flex, which is an ultra-customizable smart LED strip and will be available later this spring. Twinkly Squares, which are highly programmable squares for gorgeous digital mosaics, won't be on the market until late fall 2021. Until then, Twinkly’s smart multi-color LED lights are great for someone who really wants full control and customization over their lighting. What makes these lights (and other Twinkly products) special is its online gallery where you can download and play stunning animations projected via your lights.

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