6 Best Car Seat Cushions – (Reviews and Buying Guide 2020)

Driving should be a comfortable experience no matter the distance you have to travel or the amount of time you have to be in the car. Unfortunately, many people go through an unpleasant driving experience. One of the few reasons is they do not have a quality car seat cushion. An ergonomically designed well-built car seat cushion can help you to avoid a lot of problems, improve your posture, and make car journeys an enjoyable experience. With this objective, we are here to help you find the best car seat cushion.

When it comes to safety and convenience, even the smallest of details matter. There are several options available in the market, but we have carefully chosen a few in our car seat cushion reviews. Every detail from material to texture, fit, and thickness have been considered. We will also talk about what factors you need to look at while comparing these cushions and a few other tips to improve your driving experience.

Black Panther Luxury PU Leather Car Seat Cover Cushion

Black Panther Luxury PU Leather Car Seat Cover Cushion

  • Price : $
  • Size (cm): 54 x 53
  • Thickness (cm) : 1
  • Weight (lbs) : 1,3
  • Warranty : PU Leather
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SNAILAX Massage Car Seat Cushion

SNAILAX Massage Car Seat Cushion

  • Price : $$$
  • Cover Materials : Universal Size
  • Bed Size : 4,8
  • Type : 3
  • Warranty : Soft Polyester
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Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion

Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion

  • Price : $$
  • Cover Materials : 44 x 34
  • Bed Size : 7,1
  • Type : 1,9
  • Warranty : Memory Foam
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RaoRanDang Car Seat Cushion Pad

RaoRanDang Car Seat Cushion Pad

  • Price : $$
  • Cover Materials : 54 x 47
  • Bed Size : 3
  • Type : 1,1
  • Warranty : Polyester & Memory Foam
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ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

  • Price : $
  • Cover Materials : 44 x 35
  • Bed Size : 7,1
  • Type : 1,45
  • Warranty : Gel Enhanced Memory Foam
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Big Ant Car Seat Cushion

Big Ant Car Seat Cushion

  • Price : $$
  • Cover Materials : 55 x 53
  • Bed Size : 2,5
  • Type : 1,3
  • Warranty : PU Leather
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Best Car Seat Cushion Reviews – Top-Picks

1. Black Panther Luxury PU Leather Car Seat Cover Cushion

Black Panther Luxury PU Leather Car Seat Cover CushionThe Black Panther PU Leather car seat cushion is an ideal fit for many models across all types of cars. It is made of PU leather (polyurethane) that is comfortable and soft. This material makes the seat cover waterproof. You can easily clean it using a cloth. It is a seat cushion cover without a backrest, protecting the original seat from damage and wear.

There are durable, non-slip hooks and chucks to securely fit and keep it in place. It reserves a place for the seat-belt locks and does not hinder the deployment of airbags. After opening the packed cushion cover, you must place it in a ventilated area for a few hours so the creases are done. You can then start installing it. Installation is easy and just takes a few minutes.

2. SNAILAX Massage Car Seat Cushion

SNAILAX Massage Car Seat CushionThe Snailax Massage Car Seat cushion gives you a heating pad and 6 massage modes on your car seat. The vibrating massage feature can help make long trips easier for you. It targets the upper and lower back, thighs, and hips. The 3 heating pads located on the back and sitting area have an Overheat Protection Device to keep the temperature stable. The heating pads also have auto shut-off timers at 15, 30- and 60-minute intervals for safe use.

This car seat cushion comes in universal size, which means it will fit almost all cars, RVs, and trucks. The material used is 100% soft polyester. There is a non-slip rubber bottom along with adjustable straps that keep the seat secure. These straps allow for easy setup over any car seat. A car adapter is also included as part of the package.

3. Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion

Everlasting Comfort Seat CushionThis memory foam seat cushion is the ideal choice for those who have tailbone pain. This choice of material helps to relieve leg pain as well as improve the posture during prolonged sitting/driving. It is a coccyx seat cushion that responds to the body heat and molds to suit your bottom. The U-shaped ergonomic design is recommended to help in chronic and acute pain relief as it releases pressures from strategic areas.

The bottom surface of this seat cushion is made using non-slip rubber. This helps it stay put in the car seat. The seat cover is machine washable, you just unzip and wash it. The mesh cover has a 3D-breathable mesh and is hypoallergenic. It is a 100% memory foam cushion without any additives. You also get a lifetime replacement guarantee with this seat cushion.

4. RaoRanDang Car Seat Cushion Pad

RaoRanDang Car Seat Cushion PadThe RaoRanDang Car Seat is a 100% memory foam cushion pad. The memory foam technology used in this cushion helps to distribute sitting pressure, thus decreasing numbness and aches associated with prolonged sitting. You can use it as a seat cushion in your car, RV, or any other vehicle. It can also be placed on any other chair that you use. The memory foam design helps to promote a healthy posture and improves your spine alignment.

The bottom layer of this cushion is designed so that it doesn’t slide from under you. A durable cotton cover over the cushion allows for air circulation to prevent sweating. You can remove and machine-wash it. The top layer is also waterproof, oil-resistant, and dustproof. The manufacturer also backs this seat cushion pad with a 1-year replacement guarantee.

5. ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat CushionProlonged sitting can cause quite a bit of discomfort, and something like the ComfiLife Enhanced Seat cushion can help alleviate the pain. This is a gel and memory foam cushion. It helps provide support to the tailbone and relive pressure, thus promoting a healthy posture. Memory foam also helps to reduce sciatica, back pain, and other back related problems. You can use this as a car seat cushion to add comfort to long drives. The Velcro cover on the car seat cushion can be easily removed and machine-washed.

The bottom surface is made with a non-slip rubber material that prevents it from sliding. There is a cooling gel layer that adds to durability and enhances comfort. Apart from being used as a car seat cushion, you can also use it on any other chair/seat as per your requirement.

6. Big Ant Car Seat Cushion

Big Ant Car Seat CushionThe Big Ant Car Seat Cushion made of PU (polyurethane) leather comes with a ‘four seasons’ design that controls the temperature and humidity for long commutes. It has a non-slip rubber sole that helps it stay in place. 2 plastic chucks and a metal hook with elastic are used to fit it over your existing car seat. On the front, you also get 2 small pockets for storing small items. This is just a seat cushion and does not cover the back.

The inner material of this seat cushion is bamboo charcoal while the outer surface is PU leather. It is also stain-resistant and easy to clean. It is water-resistant as well. This cushion acts as a car-seat protector too, keeping the seat free of dirt, scratches, and wear & tear. The design ensures that it does not cover your seat belt locks as required by the law.

Car Seat Cushion Buying Guide

In this search for the perfect car seat cushion, we will first go through some common questions that you should answer before making a purchase. We will then move on to what factors/features you must look for while selecting one.

What To Consider When Buying a Car Seat Cushion

  1. What is the average time you spend driving in a week?
    This will help you to figure out the type of support required. If you spend an average of 10 hours or more, consider investing in a memory foam seat cushion that has additional features like a massager.
  2. Do you encounter extreme winters?
    If you drive frequently during extreme winters, then consider getting a car seat cushion that has heating pads. With this feature, you have control over the temperature of your car seat and can make it as warm as required. It can also help alleviate pain in the lower back.
  3. Do you require only lower-back support?
    Most car seat cushions only offer lower back support and do not cover the full seat of your car. However, if you need full-back support, you will need a seat cushion that covers the whole seat.
  4. Do you have any existing back/neck problems?
    For those suffering from any back/neck problems, a memory foam cushion will help decrease the discomfort. It adapts to the shape of the back and neck, decreases the pressure, and improves posture. For instance, if you have sciatica pain, you can go for memory foam cushions that are designed to alleviate sciatic pain.
  5. What type of vehicle will you be using it in?
    Most car seat cushions have a universal fit, which means they will fit several vehicle types. However, you must check the manufacturer’s configuration to be 100% sure about that. For larger vehicles like SUVs and trucks, some cushions may not fit securely. Also remember that by law, a seat cover/cushion should not cover the seat-belt locks.
    In case you plan to use the cushion in your office/home too, do check that it fits your desk chair.

If you are looking for the best accessory for your truck, then check out our tonneau cover buying guide to get the finest covers that the market has to offer.

6 Most Important Car Seat Cushion Features & Specifications

  1. Material

    The first thing to check is the material your cushion is made of. Memory foam molds itself to your posture and gives you more support in the required areas. There are cushions made of shredded foam too, which are more-lumpy as compared to memory foam. It is ideal for those who need a softer cushion.

  2. Support

    A car seat cushion that does not offer you good support is of no use. It should take the pressure off your lumbar area and tailbone. In case you are suffering from sciatica pain, you will need pillows that are specifically designed for that. Hip support is another aspect that you may want to look at.

  3. Size

    The size depends on where you will be using the cushion. Most cushions available on the market can be used in both cars and trucks. However, if your vehicle comes with a bench-line long seat, most of those will not work for you. If you plan to take it from your car to your desk chair, then that will be another thing to check.

  4. Breathability

    Your car seat cushion must be made of breathable material. This is crucial to ensuring that the shape is retained for a long time. It also prevents the filling from heating up.

  5. Durability

    The durability of a cushion is a mix of several factors. Memory foam cushions hold their shape and last for several years unless you are using them for several hours each day. In such a case, the area where your body weight rests become thinner as time passes. Customer reviews are a good place to find out if the cushion is as durable as advertised.

  6. Massagers and Heating Pads

    Many seat cushion covers also have a built-in massager. This vibrating massage can provide additional comfort during a long drive. If you like heated seats, then you can also go for seats that have heating pads. However, you should first check if your vehicle is compatible with them or not.
    Don’t just go by eye-catching ads- check out our trusted car seat cover reviews to get the best seat covers for your car.

Benefits of Using Car Seat Cushion

A car seat cushion gives you several benefits in addition to comfort while driving. Let’s have a look at some of them below.

  • Make prolonged sitting easier
    With a car seat cushion, you can add comfort to your long drives. The design and material used in making car seat cushions ensure that the weight is distributed and does not just concentrate on your lower back. For those suffering from issues like sciatica pain, a memory foam seat cushion can help decrease the discomfort.
  • Improves your posture
    These seat cushions also help to improve your posture. They adapt to your lower back shape and distribute the pressure. This helps to keep your posture aligned correctly. A healthy spine helps to avoid numerous health problems.
  • Improves circulation
    The typical car seat restricts the flow of blood to your back, legs, and pelvis. This decreases the oxygen reaching the muscles in those areas and causes fatigue and pain. A car seat cushion does not restrict the blood flow and thus ensures that the muscle function properly.
  • Protects your car seat
    Most car seat cushions completely cover your car seat. This protects it from wear & tear. Also, since the cushion covers are washable, they protects the car seat from spills and stains.
    Ensuring the safety of your child while driving is something every parent must do. Get the best backless booster seat so that you can drive at ease knowing that your kids are safe throughout the journey.

Why Can Sitting in a Car be Bad for Your Back?

Driving safely from one point to another is more than just avoiding an accident. The position of your car seat also impacts your body. Several studies have shown that prolonged exposure to driving is a major risk factor for back problems. The risk is greater for those driving over 20 hours a week.

Our spines naturally have a curve in the shape of the letter ‘S’. To keep your back healthy, you must try to retain a posture that keeps that curve while driving and sitting. Sitting in a car seat brings vertebrae-shaking vibrations that affect the discs between them. This is one of the leading causes of back pain. It also leads to the curvature of your spine modifying into a ‘C’ shape that can lead to many other problems later.

Further, the shape of the vehicle’s seat contributes to increased pressure on certain parts, including the back, legs as well as the buttocks. It leads to discomfort and pain at pressure points and can also hinder the blood flow to your legs and feet.

How Do I Adjust the Driver’s Seat to Fit Me?

Adjusting your driver seat involves several aspects. Let’s go over each of these and see what you must do to avoid problems associated with improper seating in your car.

  • Seat Height
    The seat height must be as high as possible. This helps to optimize the view from your window. You must be able to see a minimum of 3 inches or 76mm above the steering wheel. Also, there must be enough room between the top of your head and the roof. If your car hits any potholes or ruts, your head should not bump into the roof. Mirror adjustment can be done once you have found the ideal seat height.
  • Seat Position
    The seat position must be such that you can push the car’s pedals using your complete foot and not just the toes.
    Seat cushion length
    The seat cushion length should be such that there is a gap of 3 to 6 cm (or 1 1/4 – 2 3/8 inch) between the front of the seat and your knees.
  • Seat cushion angle
    The seat cushion should be positioned such that your thighs have support along its full length. There shouldn’t be any pressure on the back of your knees.
  • Back Rest
    The backrest of the seat should provide support to your full back length when you sit upright. Leaning back can bend the head and neck forward. This leads to muscle fatigue, pain in shoulders or neck, etc.
  • Lumbar Support
    The lumbar support should be adjusted to the point where there is even pressure applied on your back, from the hips to the shoulder level. The seat should be positioned such that there are no pressure points or gaps in the back support.
  • Steering Wheel
    The steering wheel center should be at 10 to 12 inches or 25-30 cm from the driver’s breast-bone. Being too close to the steering can lead to injuries in case the airbag deploys. If vertical adjustment is possible, then adjust the steering wheel in a way where its center points to your chest and not your head or stomach.
  • Head Rest/ Head Restraint
    Adjust the head restraint so that its top levels with your head. If it can be tilted, then adjust the tilt so that it touches the back of your head when you are sitting.
    Any position can get uncomfortable when you are in it for a long time. You will keep making little tweaks to these adjustments over time. Adjusting your car seat may take a few attempts to achieve the most comfortable settings. Take your time- a few minutes invested in adjusting your seat will help you go a long way in comfort.

Lumbar support can go a long way in relieving the pressure on your back and legs. Check out our guide for choosing lumbar support for car to get the maximum comfort.

Why Your Driving Posture Matters

We have talked about the effects of prolonged sitting, car seat cushions, and adjusting your car seat to avoid back problems while driving. However- sometimes these are not the problem. The problem can be how you sit. A poor driving posture is a major contributor to pain and discomfort in the neck, shoulders, back, arms, wrists, and feet. A bad posture can even lead to chronic pain and make you more vulnerable to other injuries over time.

Sore limbs are not the only problem. A study has shown that poor posture while driving also increases your risk of a serious injury in case of an accident. However, you can avoid all of that by ensuring that you obtain the right posture. Apart from the tips for adjusting your drivers seat, a few more tips to help you get the right posture are up ahead:

  • Provide adequate back support
    Your tailbone should be as close as possible to the seatback. The gap between the front of your seat and back of your knees should be around 2-3 fingers. In case your car’s seat does not allow for the right position, you can consider buying a lumbar or back cushion.
  • Lean Back
    The back of your seat must be at an angle greater than 90 degrees- something around 110 degrees puts the minimum amount of pressure on your back. If you lean too far back, then it compels you to push forward your neck and head which leads to discomfort and pain. It’s also important to make sure you’ve properly adjusted your headrest as well. Otherwise you might experience whiplash injuries.
  • Adjusting your mirrors
    Your side and rear-view mirrors should be properly adjusted. You should have a view of the traffic behind without having to strain your neck.
  • Taking breaks
    Even with the perfect posture and seat, fatigue will set in after long periods. Therefore, it is important to take frequent breaks. Park safely near a stopping area or rest stop, move out of your car and stretch.

FAQs & Answers

  • Q: How do I know if a car seat cushion will support my weight?
    Generally, memory foam is the ideal choice for heavier people as bamboo charcoal and shredded foam are not as suitable.
    The thickness of the foam used in the car seat cushion will give you a good idea about how much weight it can support. Even one block of high-density foam can support a weight up to 300 lbs (and even more in some cases). For supporting more weight, you can go in for a thicker foam layer or for a cushion that has multiple layers.
  • Q: Does a car seat cushion need to be washed?
    Your car seat cushion will require periodic washing. Most of the cushions have a removable cover that you can machine-wash without any special instructions. Unless the manufacturer specifies some special instructions, you should be good to go ahead and include it in your regular machine washables.
  • Q: Is a car seat cushion safe?
    Car seat cushions do not interfere with driving in any way. If you are in a comfortable posture and are easily able to access the steering, pedals, and other controls for driving your car, you are good to go. Make sure that it doesn’t interfere with your seatbelt! Car seat cushions and covers are required to ensure access to the seatbelt locks by the law.
  • Q: Does a car seat cushion heat-up on use?
    This is true in the case of memory foam cushions. This is how the memory foam molds to your body’s shape. However, the rise in temperature is not that drastic, and it will not cause any discomfort.
  • Q: How can i clean a seat cushion?

Best Car Seat Cushions Comparison Chart

PRODUCT PRICE Size (cm) Thickness (cm) Weight (lbs) Warranty
Black Panther Luxury PU Leather Car Seat Cover Cushion $ 54 x 53 1 1,3 PU Leather
SNAILAX Massage Car Seat Cushion $$$ Universal Size 4,8 3 Soft Polyester
Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion $$ 44 x 34 1,9 7,1 Memory Foam
RaoRanDang Car Seat Cushion Pad $$ 54 x 47 3 1,1 Polyester & Memory Foam
ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion $ 44 x 35 19 47,2 x 35,4 x 19,8 Gel Enhanced Memory Foam
Big Ant Car Seat Cushion $$ 55 x 53 2,5 1,3 PU Leather

Wrap Up

With this buying guide, you now know what you must look at while searching for the best car seat cushion. A healthy spine and good posture is the key to ensuring your overall health. This is exactly what a car seat cushion can help you preserve.

As you look through your shortlisted seat cushions, you may not find all the required details on the manufacturer’s website or manuals. This is where going through our car seat cushion reviews will help you decide which of those have what you need and are worth it. A bit of time invested in finding the ideal car seat cushion will help you go a long way in your car without any back pains or other problems.

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