53 Times People Tried Crafting Something, Only For The End Result To Be So Bad, They Couldn’t Help Sharing It On This Online Community

“It’s going to look amazing,” you think in your mind, as you start your latest creative project. But soon enough, you realize that your plans and reality barely overlap, and you’re left with something totally weird. The results are hilarious, even 'bad,' but it’d be a shame not to share them with everyone on the internet. Though in some cases, a few major 'mistakes' ironically lead to something even more soulful than what was supposed to be the outcome.

Welcome to r/nailedit, a subreddit that documents the funniest, most bizarre results that people got when trying to do something with their hands. Whether it’s baking, cooking, crocheting, or anything else that you like to do, you won’t always get it perfect. And when you (inevitably, at some point) get it disastrously wrong, it’s wonderful to share it with like-minded crafters online. Hey, at least you made someone laugh and brightened up your day with your monstrosity of a cake, right?

Scroll down for the best of r/nailedit, curated by us for all of you lovely Pandas. Don’t forget to upvote the pics that you enjoyed the most, and be sure to share them with your friends to help them start the week off with a smile: however tough things get, at least you’re having fun when it goes wrong. Oh, and if you’ve got some disaster crafts to share with us, you can tell us all about it or share a pic in the comment section.

Talented pie artist, baking expert, and the author of 'Pies Are Awesome,' Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin was kind enough to share her thoughts about how to get the results that we want, whatever we might be working on with our hands. In her opinion, baking and all sorts of crafting are like small performances. "You gotta prepare a bit in advance and get mentally in the zone before you dive in," she told Bored Panda.

#1 Tried Making A Felt Shark

Image credits: DameJeffrey

According to pie artist Jessica, mental preparation before tackling whatever crafting project you tackle is vital. The process can be as simple or as complicated as you prefer. There's no one-size-fits-all approach.

"This can mean something as simple as making sure all your tools, ingredients, instructions, recipes, and cleaning supplies are available and to hand before you get started, all the way to actually sitting down and visualizing yourself going through the complete process of making the dish or craft," Jessica told Bored Panda.

Visualizing is a powerful tool in any crafter or baker's arsenal, and Jessica's a proponent of it. "I’m personally a big fan of taking 5 minutes to picture all the steps I’m about to take before I start baking a new work of Pie Art," she revealed to us.

#2 I’m Not Even Mad… It’s Too Funny To Be Mad

Image credits: Cyclosarin88

#3 Melania Trump Statue In Slovenia. Nailed It!

Image credits: smiler_g

"I can’t tell you how many times I’ve realized that I’ve forgotten a key ingredient or step in watching myself in my mind go through the motions! And it’s kind of meditative too," she explained that the added benefit is that it puts you into a calm, centered space. That way, you're far less likely to rush about and make mistakes. The odds of you getting hurt are also reduced because you know what you need to do, and what's going to happen.

However, visualizing might not be up everyone's alley. Worry not, Pandas, for there are other ways to get in the 'zone' before you start your next project.

"If you’re not into visualizing, you can get a similar effect by writing out lists of every little step you will be taking in your project, and even making a list of things that could go wrong and what you’ll do about it if it occurs," pie artist Jessica explained that this way you're aware of the solutions to problems way in advance.

#4 These Panda Cookies I Made For My Niece’s Birthday Have Seen Some S**t

Image credits: weddinggirl1995

#5 Saw This And Felt Like It Belongs Here

Image credits: guhoya15

#6 When Your Husband Insists On Attempting A Portrait Of You

Image credits: Alexthetetrapod

There's always room for experimentation and a 'jazz'-like approach when it comes to making food. But if you're pressed for time and results, then you need to rely on getting everything in order.

"Winging it and diving in can be great fun when it comes to creative projects, and you can learn a lot through experimentation and failure… but sometimes the stakes are a bit higher and you just have to get it right the first time. For example, baking your best friend’s wedding dessert, or completing an expensive commission for a client. That’s when that bit of extra effort upfront will pay off big time!"

The r/nailedit subreddit is practically ancient. Founded all the way back in the late November of 2010, it’s been around for nearly 12 years. There’s only one moderator running the place, but they do use the Auto Moderator for help.

#7 Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Image credits: katetheg8

#8 Superimposing Elsa Onto A Horses Head? Nailed It!!

Image credits: ggodfrey

#9 This Epic Bob Ross Chia Pet

Image credits: reddit.com

We firmly believe that the r/nailedit online community deserves a lot more attention than it’s getting because the content the members share is top-notch. At the time of writing, there were 54.2k dedicated r/nailedit fans. Hopefully, the community will expand in the future. The subreddit is too good for it to remain a niche group.

Here at Bored Panda, we’re mega fans of crafting and creativity of all kinds. We love it when people turn their dreams into reality and use their imagination powers for Good. However, crafting of any kind demands patience, precision, dedication, and a willingness to fail over and over again till you get good.

#10 My Friends And I Held Our First Monthly #nailedit Competition. We All Tried To Replicate The Middle Cake!

Image credits: Togekriss

#11 I Actually Did Try. That’s The Saddest Part

Image credits: hamchalice

#12 I Have A Baking Competition Today. This Is My First Time Ever Baking A Cake. I Think I’m Going To Win

Image credits: DiemSomeCarpe

At times, that can be slightly demotivating. Especially if you feel like you’re giving it all you’ve got and the results still end up frightening your neighbors and the internet. That’s when an outside perspective might help reignite your motivation and help you develop your totally rad skills.

On a positive note, the net’s chock full of friendly folks who can’t wait to help anyone still green with their crafting troubles.

One such community is r/crochet, an incredibly bubbly and brilliant online community. Bored Panda spoke to one of the moderators during an earlier interview. In short, if you want to try something with your hands and don’t want to go for cooking, it’s best to start off with a crocheting project. It’s very beginner-friendly (and it’ll give you the chance to make a tiny Baby Yoda doll.)

#13 'veiled Virgin' By Giovanni Strazza

Image credits: Gerry1of1

#14 Stuffed Snake Pizza. Nailed It!

Image credits: TimTheTooth

#15 The First Cake I’ve Made In Years May Have Been A Bit Ambitious

Image credits: rolfebox

"Crochet is definitely the most beginner-friendly between crochet, knitting, and sewing. This is because, in part, it’s the easiest to rip apart (called frogging) and go back to fix a mistake," the r/crochet moderator explained.

#16 For My Sons Fourth Birthday I Carved A Watermelon Dinosaur Head! It Didn’t Come Out That Bad (Mine Is On The Bottom)

Image credits: jcrus0

#17 Nailed It! On The Second Try

Image credits: Arrenil

#18 I Didn't Follow The Pattern

Image credits: mayflour

"Most beginners often find difficulty in knowing where to place the hook in each stitch and figuring out how to coordinate holding the yarn, hook, and work all at the same time!" they explained that crocheting isn’t without its challenges, despite being quite easy to get into. Though what craft doesn’t have a learning curve? Anything worth doing requires at least some patience.

#19 This Figurine Of Hermione Granger At Universal Studios

Image credits: Alarmed-Technology35

#20 I Think I Did Something Wrong

Image credits: ThatCrazyTheatreKid

#21 My Daughter And I Made Baby Yoda Macarons

Image credits: tegren_bkwrd_nerget

Crocheting and knitting are quite similar, but sewing is a whole other ball game entirely. "They’re both yarn crafts that create fabric. Other similarities include knowing how to count stitches and read written patterns. There is no real crossover with sewing, except perhaps that advanced sewers may have an advantage in understanding how garments drape and fit," the expert told Bored Panda.

#22 How To Upcycle A Meat Grinder

Image credits: spezi_is_life

#23 Accidentally Made A Vagina Cake For My Friend's Birthday. (It Was Supposed To Be A Geod)

Image credits: PookiiBear

#24 Birthday Cake Attempt This Weekend

Image credits: PlausibleAbility

“Learning to crochet, like everything else, has a learning curve! Luckily, it’s pretty easy to get started—all you really need is a hook and a skein of yarn," they said that it’s easy to pick up. There’s a lot of info out there on how to start crafting, and it’s all very easily accessible.

#25 Uncanny Resemblance

Image credits: ntrott

#26 Dropped An Egg. #nailedit

Image credits: RattyRavenRizzo

#27 My 5-Year-Old Nephew Knocked This One Out Of The Park!

Image credits: jimmyc7128

"Most people find it easiest to learn from YouTube videos, and they are a fantastic resource for learning new stitches and patterns. There are also some wonderful books out there that can teach every conceivable stitch—you want to look for something called a 'crochet stitch dictionary' or similar. Other than that, have fun and don’t be afraid to experiment!”

#28 Nailed It

Image credits: caitiezx

#29 Oh God. What Have I Done?

Image credits: lolosun

#30 My Wife Started Painting Ornaments For Christmas, And Only Realized After She Finished This Bird That She Did It Upside Down

Image credits: even-hungrier

Remember, Pandas, there are no mistakes. Not really. Just happy accidents that can brighten up someone's day regardless of how (un)masterfully you did something. Don't be shy, share some of your own funny fails in the comments. And remember: we've all been there. Nobody's born a crafting pro.

#31 Thinking My Early Wake Up To Do This Nails It

Image credits: Iamnutzo

#32 This "Up-Cycled" Hot Water Bottle Necklace

Image credits: mackycormacky

#33 I Wanted To Make Mrs. Potts And Chip. I Nailed It

Image credits: Chicagogogo

#34 I Made An Interesting Ring From An Old National Geographic Article

Image credits: Domestica

#35 Should I Show My Girlfriend To Her Portrait ?

Image credits: Rohit-N

#36 Poodle Cut. Nailed It

Image credits: RUKiddingMeReddit

#37 Tried To Make A Cake To Immortalize My Cat, I Have Not Stopped Laughing

Image credits: ABig_ol_mess

#38 Failed Af

Image credits: LottimusMaximus

#39 I Need Smaller Piping Tips

Image credits: Freh

#40 I Tried To Make My Daughter A Mickey Mouse Cake

Image credits: desertdwellerrr

#41 West Elm Mistro Tray That Was Just Delivered After A 6 Month Backorder

Image credits: pputkowski

#42 Yup!

Image credits: Rocksoezy

#43 I Shouldn't Be Allowed To Try

Image credits: CuriousTemporary

#44 I Tried To Do This Thing I Saw On Instagram Where You Dehydrate Strawberries In The Oven And They 'Taste Like Twizzlers" ... Nailed It

Image credits: graspingwind

#45 Donald Duck Birthday Cake

Image credits: Adorable_Depth2238

#46 Thought My Play Dough Skills Were Better Than I Anticipated...

Image credits: bumblebeej10

#47 Good Lord

Image credits: niko13107

#48 Ewwwwwwww

Image credits: rosieSpose

#49 Well... I Tried

Image credits: Code--Veronica

#50 Shark Bun At IKEA Taiwan

Image credits: OishiiOnigiri

#51 From The Ice Cream Truck

Image credits: w00tburger

#52 I See Your Hand Candle And I Raise You My Hand Soap

Image credits: Chicagogogo

#53 Trying To Show My Son Modeling Clay Is Easy

Image credits: dIO__OIb