30+ Best Birthday Gifts for Her in 2020

This post is all about the best Birthday Gifts for Her.

birthday gifts for her

The 33 best birthday gifts for her of 2020 (Photo: Etsy @Iwatchcandy, Nordstrom)

Buying gifts is hard. You want to get something that she will love and doesn't already own. Something that she will open and think, "How did you know I wanted this?!". With trends rapidly changing, it can be hard to find the newest and most popular birthday gifts for her.

To make your shopping experience as non stressful as possible, we've come up with a list of 30+ gift ideas that the woman in your life is guaranteed to love.

From the beauty lover to the cook, we've found the best birthday gifts for her in 2020.

Birthday Gifts for Her:

1. For the one who love being cozy: Slippers

No girl would ever not be happy about getting slippers but someone who loves being cozy will especially love this gift. There are all times of brands on the market with everything from inexpensive options with memory foam options to the coveted UGG slippers.

With all the different styles on the market, you can find one perfect for the birthday girl.

2. For the trendy girl that likes to workout: Apple Watch with Band

Anyone who loves to workout probably already owns an Apple Watch but surprise her with a new trendy band that takes it up a level. Everyone's Apple Watch is starting to look the same and having a new band will make it special again.

For 2020, the most popular bands are animal print bands (pictured above) and just plain white bands. Before ordering, make sure to know what size Apple Watch she owns.

3. For the beauty lover: Bluetooth Connected Mirror
birthday gift ideas for girls

This is the perfect birthday gift for the woman that loves to look good. Because let's face it, vanity mirrors bring your makeup game up 100%! This is a top of the line makeup mirror that allows you to hook up Bluetooth to it to play music, answer phone calls, and many other features.

Get this Bluetooth Lighted Makeup Mirror from Amazon for less than $40.

5. For the brand lover: Trendy Sunglasses

birthday gifts for women

Best Gifts for Women 2020: Sunglasses (Photo: Nordstrom)

Girls can not have enough sunglasses, trust me. These are the most popular sunglasses for those girls that love to always look put together and on top of all the latest styles. Plus, if JLO will wear them than this makes the absolute perfect birthday gifts for her.

6. For the one that's obsessed with how they smell: Perfume

There really is nothing like the feeling of someone coming up to you and going, "You smell so good, what are you wearing?". Truly, when someone asks me that, I remember it and continue wearing that perfume. Daisy by Marc Jacobs is a cult classic and a perfume that thousands of people love.

7. For the jewelrylover: Dainty Gold Jewelry
birthday gift ideas for women

Best Birthday Gifts for Women 2020: Jewelry (Photo: Nordstrom)

Is the girl with a birthday coming up a total fashionista?

Gold jewelry is back and the best part is that there are a ton of affordable options. A girl can really never have enough jewelry so this is a perfect gift for her!

8. For the spa lover: Gift Card for Massage

There is nothing better than treating yourself to a massage so getting a gift card for it is even better!

Massages are great for anyone but especially if your girl is always on the go, this is a great way for her to relax and take some time for herself.

9. For the candle obsessed: Diptyque

I really wanted to put a more classic and maybe even romantic spin on this birthday gift for her.

That's why my ultimate suggestion is more of a fancier candle, like this Diptyque candle. It's an extremely popular candle that has a luxurious feel to it.

10. For the makeup lover: Becca x Khloe Kardashian & Malika Haqq Bronzer

This is another great birthday gift idea for her if she loves makeup.

Face palettes let them do everything in one, so it's also good if your girl is busy or likes to be efficient. Amazon has some name brands that are also on Ulta and Sephora, but with free two day shipping. So get this awesome birthday gift idea for her, and get it on Amazon too!

11. For someone who lives in cold weather: Canada Goose Jacket
gifts for her birthday

For anyone that lives in freezing weather, a nice winter jacket is an absolute MUST. Canada Goose jackets are not cheap by any means but they are guaranteed to keep you insanely warm which from someone that lives in Wisconsin, is priceless.

12. For the working woman: Classic Tote Bag

This is another suggestion that goes out to those shopping for the busy gal on the go!

She's probably already got her routine down pat for her constant run arounds, but does she have a classy and sturdy bag to run around with? If the answer is no then now you've got a perfect birthday gift idea for her!

13. For the Pajama Lover: Silk Pajamas Set

Here's a great birthday gift idea for her if she is all about being comfy, cozy, and cute!

You just can't got wrong with PJ Sets.

14. For the music lover: Bluetooth Speaker

This is a gift for the lady who loves to always have music playing around the house.

This speaker is super nice AND cute if she's also about aesthetic. This will definitely be a great birthday gift!

15. For the natural lover: Essential Oils Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffusers are on the rise because they offer a lot of health benefits as well as smell really good.

Sometimes diffusers are even better than candles because there is not a chance of all the smoke issues that sometimes come up with candles and they leave a nice aroma at all times.

It's classy and unique and I definitely think that you should look into getting it for whatever lady in your life needs a birthday gift soon!

16. For the skincare lover: Silk Pillowcase

Everyone wants silk pillowcases right now because they prevent wrinkles and also keep your hair shiny. The benefits of silk pillowcases are so incredible that I'm a big fan of making sure everyone has them.

17. For the hair products lover: Dryer Brush

This hair tool is AMAZING. It's the #1 hair tool sold of the year if that tells you anything ;).

It automatically makes your hair look perfect while drying it at the same time. Any girl that loves to have her hair look good at all times, this is a great gift that will save her so much time and effort!

18. ...and Hair Products to Go With It!

And while on the topic of hair, why not add a few products to go along with the dryer brush!

I am obsessed with all of these products and know that any girl would be too!

19. For the memory maker: Polaroid Camera + Film

Polaroid cameras are such a fun way to capture memories. It's a perfect gift for any girl that loves to take pictures!

20. For the couch lover: Barefoot Dreams Blanket

This is another one of my top 10 birthday gift ideas for her. And once you feel this blanket, you will know why.

This blanket is so soft and incredible that even the Kardashians rave about it! It is a little more on the expensive side, but it is so worth it. So if you can splurge on a birthday gift for her, this is the one to do it on!

21. For the comfort lover: Barefoot Dreams Cardigan

Or if you can splurge but you know that your girl is more of an "on the go" person, then get them the cardigan version of the Barefoot Dreams blanket!

It's just as great and a little more inexpensive, win win for everyone!

22. For the wine lover: Corkcicle Wine Glass

What birthday girl doesn't love wine?

Step it up and don't just get her a basic wine glass or set of them. Get her one that will keep the wine glass the proper temperature so that she can sip all night long.

23. For the classy drinker: Cocktail Set

Or maybe the birthday girl is more of a liquor type girl!

This would be a super fun and unique birthday gift for her if your girl loves to make the drinks just as much as she loves to drink them!

24. For the wannabe chef: Fun Recipe Books

But may I suggest that if you choose to get her the cocktail set, that you add a recipe book so that she has recipes to sue the set with.

It's an addition that will take any birthday gift for her to the next level!

25. For the world traveler: Durable Luggage

Luggage is something that you need because it works super hard to keep your stuff safe and unbroken.

We owe luggage a lot, and your traveling girl needs good luggage. Thus, it's a great and unique birthday gift for her this year!

26. AirPods

If you know a girl with a birthday coming up and she doesn't have airpods. . . don't you dare go gift searching because this is the gift that you need to get her. We can also promise you that she wants these too!

I'm convinced that we all need airpods because they are so convenient. It will be the perfect and a very useful birthday gift for her if you get them!

27. For the chef with no time: Air Fryer

Air fryers are another item that is all the rage and just guaranteed to continue to be super popular!

And they make food a little healthier (who doesn't want that??) So if this sounds like the girl who's birthday is coming up, then this is a great and unique birthday gift idea for her!

28. For the health freak: Vitamix

This is one of the BEST birthday gifts that you can get for those who love to be healthy!!

Vitamix are top of the line blenders that guaranteed to last. I totally recommend looking into it if you want to get a girl a useful and unique birthday gift in 2020!

29. For the anxiety filled girl: Weighted Blanket

I am always stressed and anxious and a weighted blanket has changed my life. They make me feel really secure and anything that can help ease my nerves is 100% worth it. I've heard multiple weighted blanket success stories and highly recommend this as a gift for anyone that struggles with anxiety.

30. For the clean freak: Roomba

This is for the birthday girl who loves their house clean. I got one of these for Christmas last year and it has changed my life. We truly feel like she is apart of the family lol.

31. For the entertainer: Cheese Board

This is a CLASSIC birthday gift idea for her! Charcuterie and cheese boards are such a trend right now that I think every girl would low key LOVE a cheese board as a birthday gift!

32. For the Netflix fan: Fire TV

Who wouldn't love to get the gift of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon all in one? And did you know that Fire TV's now have Alexa built into the remote? Amazing.

Talk about a useful birthday gift for her, this is definitely another one in my top 10 for sure!

33. For the baker: KitchenAid Mixer

And lastly, a cult favorite any baker would obsess over...a KitchenAid mixer. This is something that you will have for years and years and will bring hundreds of delicious desserts to your table.

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This post was all about the best birthday gifts for her.

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