27 Dirty Would You Rather Questions to Help Heat Things Up

The game of “Would You Rather?” is usually just a fun way to pass the time with good company, but it can also be a fun, flirtatious way for two people to discuss sexual interests. Even couples who’ve been together forever might learn a new thing or two about each other by asking a few dirty would-you-rather questions. 

Most of us have heard that good communication is key to a healthy relationship. That includes sexual communication as well: the ability to talk about your most intimate desires, fantasies, boundaries, and cautious curiosities. Typically people assume these conversations need to be serious in tone or nature, but in reality, they can be entertaining and even playful.

Below are some dirty would-you-rather questions that are sure to open interesting conversations with your partner, and then some.

  1.       Would you rather hook up on the beach or hook up on the dance floor?
  2.       Would you rather be a 10 in terms of looks or a 10 in bed?
  3.       Would you rather have a partner who’s a 10 in looks or who’s a 10 in bed?
  4.       Would you rather marry someone with no sexual experience or a lot of sexual experience?
  5.       Would you rather always be the top or always be the bottom?
  6.       Would you rather have sex early in the morning or late at night?
  7.       Would you rather receive a sexy photo or a sexy phone call?
  8.       Would you rather have really kinky sex or really romantic sex?
  9.       Which would you rather give up for the rest of your life: kissing or sex?
  10.   Would you rather have only oral or only intercourse for the rest of your life?
  11.   Would you rather have the best sex of your life tomorrow or in 10 years?
  12.   Would you rather have average sex every day or amazing sex once a month?
  13.   Would you rather have super-hot sex but not orgasm or have okay sex and get to cum?
  14.   Would you rather have car sex or bathroom sex?
  15.   Would you rather have camping sex or shower sex?
  16.   Would you rather have airplane sex or elevator sex?
  17.   Would you rather dominate or be dominated?
  18.   Would you rather be treated like a good girl or a bad girl in bed?
  19.   Would you rather watch people having sex or be watched while you’re having sex?
  20.   Would you rather have sex with a teacher or a boss?
  21.   Would you rather have sex with your celebrity crush or your high school crush?
  22.   Would you rather swap partners with another couple or have a threesome?
  23.   Would you rather try rope play or role play?
  24.   Would you rather have food sex or blindfolded sex?
  25.   Would you rather have it fast and hard or slow and sensual?
  26.   Would you rather have a cumshot or a creampie?
  27.   Would you rather try a new sex position or try a new kink tonight?

A Few Considerations Before You Start Asking Questions

There are a few rules for engagement you should consider before playing, particularly for couples.

Come into this dirty “Would You Rather?” game with an open mind and a willingness to consider new ideas. You should also agree that it’s 100% okay if you’re not interested in the same things. As you go through the questions—which may bring up sexual situations or kinks you’ve never considered—avoid judging each other for what you’re interested in or not interested in. Never yuck each other’s yums, and also don’t pressure the other to consider things they’re just not into. Ask questions, be curious, and validate each other’s desires and boundaries. If the game gets uncomfortable, stop and check-in with each other.

Also, make sure you’re both game to have a conversation exploring new sexual interests and desires before you get started. If there’s some underlying stress or tension in the relationship (related to sex or really anything at all), or if one partner is more sensitive around sexuality for any reason, a sexy game like this one might not be appropriate at this time—or at all.

Lastly, when you’re done with the questions, practice a little aftercare: Are there any weird or confusing feelings coming up? Anything you want to circle back to? Anything that was particularly exciting that you want to consider taking next steps on? Make sure you’re both feeling cared for, connected, and also curious about what can come out of this conversation. Have fun! 

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